The Press Corps Is Crazy, Trump Isn’t

I began the Laura Ingraham radio show this morning by playing, and commenting on, clips from yesterday’s press briefing by Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson, the Navy doctor who gave President Trump his physical exam. Dr. Jackson noted that he had given the president a cognitive test, at Trump’s insistence, even though Jackson saw no need for it. The president scored a perfect 30 out of 30 on the cognition test. This was, of course, what the slavering hounds of the White House press corps wanted to talk about. Here are the clips, courtesy of Grabien.

This reporter wanted to know about Trump’s “mental fitness for office.”

More on dementia and Alzheimer’s:

This reporter takes a swipe at President Reagan while trying to revive the Alzheimer’s meme:

This reporter yearns for the good old days under Barack Obama. He wonders whether Dr. Jackson advised Trump on how he might become as fit as his predecessor. Take up smoking, maybe:

This reporter wants to know how anyone can eat Big Macs and still be in great shape. The doctor explains that Trump has great genes. I would add that I, too, am fond of Big Macs:

This reporter wonders whether, even though the president is not stupid, he might still be crazy. Holding out hope!

Here Dr. Jackson delivers the final blow: President Trump’s health shows every sign of holding up, not just through his current term, but for four more years if he is re-elected. Thus dashing the hopes of reporters all across America:

The White House press corps must be one of America’s most dysfunctional institutions. They are, frankly, an embarrassment. Instead of wondering whether our president–a highly successful president through his first year–is mentally fit to do his job, they should look in the mirror. I have serious doubts about whether most of them are mentally fit to do theirs.