Eyeless in Rochester

I hate to have to pick up the local news from a national daily, but I learn from USA Today that a “Minnesota man” named Mahad Aziz gouged out the eyes of his 74-year-old relative in the course of a beating at the apartment of one or the other in Rochester, Minnesota. The Mayo Clinic was conveniently at hand, but there wasn’t much the hospital could do. Aziz beat his older relative so severely that most of the man’s teeth were knocked out. The Rochester Post-Bulletin drily adds: “The man’s eyes were not found.” The current status of the case, which has not been charged yet, is addressed here.

The Star Tribune somehow overlooked this story, but they did weigh in with the timely editorial “Immigrants give Minnesota more than they take.” The cost-benefit analysis cited by the Star Tribune leaves a bit to be desired and its failure to differentiate between legal and illegal immigration leaves something to be desired, but I think they had the conclusion before they found the analysis. It’s a statement of faith.

Quotable quote (Rochester Police Captain John Sherwin): “You lose your eyes…there’s no replacement.”