Live from Minneapolis

Featured image John served as the guest host on the June 1 edition of the Dan Proft show. John opened the show with an interview of Kyle Hooten, who has provided incomparable coverage of the Minneapolis meltdown. I have embedded a podcast of the entire show below. Kyle packs a lot of information into his two segments with John. The headlines on the home page of Minneapolis’s Star Tribune provide a glimpse »

Wailing Walz takes on MPD

Featured image Looking for yesterday’s Minnesota Health Department press briefing at 2:00 yesterday afternoon, I found instead Governor Walz and his crew announcing the filing of a state civil rights investigation of the Minneapolis Police Department (video below). I have posted the video below. Featured among the Walz crew yesterday was Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan — the self-advertised “light-skinned Native woman” who specializes in racial emoting. By her own account, she “grapple[s] »

The Forgotten Man

Featured image Scott has written about Bogdan Vechirko, the driver of a tanker truck that found itself on Highway 35W, the major North-South artery in the Twin Cities, suddenly facing thousands of illegal “demonstrators.” Vechirko, it turns out, had made a delivery to a black-owned gas station and innocently ventured onto the highway before authorities had effectively closed it. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but Vechirko was hauled out of his cab »

Scenes from the MN apocalypse

Featured image I was one of the first customers in the door at the huge Cub Foods store in Eagan on Sunday morning. I found a surprising portion of the food shelves emptied like an old-time Soviet Union grocery and asked the employee stocking the vegetables what had happened. He said they’d had their biggest day ever on Saturday — the Eagan Walmart and Target stores were boarded up until Monday. Their »

Coronavirus in one state (55)

Featured image Breaking news interceded when I left off this series in part 54 with a current total of 967 deaths attributed to COVID-19. In the data released over the past four days we had 29 (May 29), 30 (May 30), 14 (May 31), and 10 (June 1) daily deaths attributed to COVID-19 by the authorities. The current total of all deaths attributed to COVID-19 is 1,050, including 848 in long-term care »

That elusive white supremacist (not)

Featured image I wrote here yesterday morning about the tanker truck driver who drove into the crowd of “protesters” walking north on Highway 35W through downtown Minneapolis on Sunday evening. Minnesota House Majority Leader Winkler couldn’t wait to declare that he had finally found the elusive white nationalist sought by him and his ilk in the maelstrom of destruction that hit us last week. According to the preliminary investigation, however, the authorities »

In search of the elusive white nationalist

Featured image Minnesota House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler holds a position of great power and perfectly represents the DFL brand in state politics. From the minute a tanker truck driver landed among “protesters” walking north on the bridge through downtown Minneapolis on Highway 35W last night, Winkler couldn’t wait to declare that he had finally found the elusive white nationalist sought in the maelstrom of destruction that hit us last week. The »

After last night

Featured image Watching yesterday’s news conferences and protests live on local television, I can only offer my impression that despite the arrests made by law enforcement the authorities are largely unable or unwilling to enforce the curfews they have set. The protesters have taken over city streets and highways more or less at will. I wonder if the authorities will throw in the towel today. My impression is that Governor Walz is »

Walz calls

Featured image After I wrote “Minneapolis goes Baghdad” in the early morning hours yesterday, Governor Walz called a 10:00 a.m. press conference. With the fires still smoldering in Minneapolis, Walz announced that he had activated our entire National Guard contingent and declared that the curfews in Minneapolis and St. Paul would be enforced yesterday evening (video below). Apparently between 4,000 and 5,000 National Guard soldiers enhanced the law enforcement officers in the »

Sunday morning coming down

Featured image Minneapolis’s Steele family is a local Twin Cities institution. The Star Tribune provided brief profiles in this 2019 update on the family. Our friends at the Dakota sponsored a livestream performance of the Steeles’ “concert for community healing” yesterday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. Jearlyn, Jevetta, Fred, Billy and JD Steele are joined by Spencer Christianson on guitar, Chris Smith on upright bass, Yonathan Berkure on electric bass, and Kenyari Jackson »

Minneapolis goes Bagdhad

Featured image The Minnesota state authorities held a press conference at 10:00 yesterday morning. Governor Walz led the parade with a classic yammer yammer yammer blah blah blah performance. I have embedded the video below. He is — they are — over their head, out of their depth, out of it, clueless. You have to see it to believe it. Long-time race hustler Attorney General Keith Ellison is worse than out of »

Media access in one state: The lawsuit

Featured image When KSTP-TV’s Tom Hauser had a complaint or two about the daily press briefings conducted by the Minnesota Department of Health, he took to Twitter earlier this week to unload. I compiled a bunch of those tweets in here. Tom noted somewhere in his tweets that he hasn’t been blacklisted. I have. MDH included me on the press briefing conference call notices and responded to my questions by email until »

Coronavirus in one state (54)

Featured image KSTP TV’s Tom Hauser made it onto the Minnesota Department of Health’s daily press briefing and got picked from the queue to ask a good question yesterday. His Twitter rant serve him well. Tom asked about the nursing home crisis that has remained the locus of the risk of fatality posed by the COVID-19 epidemic in Minnesota. Tom posed his question at about 18:00 of the briefing audio (below). Tom »

Minneapolis meltdown spreads

Featured image Riots, looting, arson, vandalism, violence, destruction, and robbery continued for a third night in Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd at the of hands of the Minneapolis police. We have quickly moved beyond “protests” to the shame and disgrace of a terroristic crime spree from which we will be a long time recovering. The Third Precinct police headquarters at 30th and Minnehaha was torched and burned to the ground »

Coronavirus in one state (53)

Featured image Governor Walz turned up at yesterday’s COVID-19 briefing with Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan, Attorney General Keith Ellison, and Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington in tow to discuss to address the killing of George Floyd. (I got to know and respect John when he was St. Paul Chief of Police. I think he is a standup guy and ethical leader. He is out of place in this crowd.) I watched the »

Minneapolis meltdown

Featured image George Floyd died at the knee of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on Memorial Day. Floyd was handcuffed and held to the ground with Chauvin’s knee on Floyd’s neck while Floyd complained that he could not breathe. The arrest and detention were captured on sickening video. Three other officers were on the scene. It all went down at 38th and Chicago in Minneapolis’s Third Precinct in south Minneapolis. The front »

Media access in one state: My complaint

Featured image KSTP-Tv’s Tom Hauser has a complaint or two about the daily press briefing conducted by the Minnesota Department of Health. He took to Twitter to unload yesterday afternoon. I compiled a bunch of those tweets in the adjacent post. Tom noted somewhere in his tweets that he hasn’t been blacklisted. I have. MDH included me in the press briefing conference call notices and responded to my questions by email until »