Coronavirus in one state (101)

Featured image While I was otherwise engaged with Magistrate Judge Thorson and officials from the Minnesota Department of Health yesterday — settlement negotiations continue for another week or two, during which I am bound to confidentiality — the rest of the MDH crew held another press briefing. I have posted MPR’s audio recording of the briefing below. It is worth a listen to tune into the voice of Assistant Commissioner Dan Huff. »

Seeing the Minneapolis Effect

Featured image Paul G. Cassell is the Ronald N. Boyce Presidential Professor of Criminal Law and University Distinguished Professor of Law at the S.J. Quinney College of Law at the University of Utah. He is also the foremost scholar of the “Minneapolis Effect” reflecting the spike in murders following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25. Professor Cassell describes the effect in the opening of today’s Wall Street Journal »

Coronavirus in one state (100)

Featured image The Minnesota Department of Health held its 100th COVID-19 press briefing yesterday as I reach the 100th installment of this series. On April 27 the MDH silently expelled me from the briefings without notice or explanation — and refused to tell me why. What happened? After obtaining Governor Walz’s response to my Data Practices Act request seeking the answer, I filed the lawsuit against MDH officials pending in federal court. »

Coronavirus in one state (99)

Featured image Since the Department of Health held its third press briefing of last week this past Thursday, the authorities have attributed the following numbers of deaths to COVID-19: 13 (9/11, 8 in long-term or congregate care facilities), 9 (9/12, 7 LTC), 13 (9/13, 9 LTC), and three (9/14, 0 LTC). Hospitalizations continue at an extremely low number (235 total, 135 in intensive care). The data simply do not conform to the »

Random thoughts on the Floyd case

Featured image Is it possible for any of the four former Minneapolis police officers charged in the death of George Floyd to receive a fair trial? In Minneapolis? If not in Minneapolis, anywhere else in Minnesota? Is it possible that a Hennepin County jury won’t have the external effects of not guilty verdicts in mind when they retire to deliberate? I’ve had those questions in mind since expedited criminal charges were filed »

Coronavirus in one state (98)

Featured image The Minnesota Department of Health held the third of its press briefings this week yesterday afternoon. It focused on long-term care facilities. As I get the message from the assembled bureaucrats, they have made great progress and are doing a wonderful job. LTC deaths have fallen from 80 to 73 percent of all deaths attributed to COVID-19, but they nevertheless represent only 52 percent of August fatalities. Progress is masked »

Coronavirus in one state (97)

Featured image The Department of Health is squeezing three briefings into a four-day work week. Audio of this week’s second briefing is posted below. Accordingly, I’m back with another update sooner than I anticipated. MPR’s report on yesterday’s briefing and data is posted here. MPR’s update blandly transmits data that belies the persistence of one-man rule. However, MPR’s report is hedged and buffered in a manner that makes it extremely difficult for »

Coronavirus in one state (96)

Featured image When we last checked in on the Minnesota data in part 95, the occasion was a press briefing conducted by Governor Walz. Kevin Roche took in Walz’s briefing the following day and commented on it in “He Speaks, I Listen, I Cringe, I Summarize.” All of Kevin’s comments provide a much needed contrarian analysis. They also bear on what I have to say in light of yesterday’s press briefing (audio »

Pelosi’s Haircut, Walz’s International Harvester

Featured image Minnesota Governor Tim Walz is very concerned about global warming–so concerned that he is trying to promulgate California-style rules to force Minnesotans to drive electric vehicles, whether they want to or not. Walz says this is necessary to “make sure that there’s ice on that lake in January.” But if Walz is so dedicated to preventing the rest of us from burning gasoline in our cars, why is he driving »

For Trump on the St. Croix River

Featured image We’re in Washington, D.C. this weekend for a happy family event. Taking a walk yesterday afternoon, I got a call from friends in Minneapolis who were on the St. Croix River. The magnificent river divides Minnesota from Wisconsin about 30 miles east of St. Paul. My friend happily reported that she and her husband had happened onto the Trump boat rally taking place in front of her as she spoke. »

Boogaloo Bois meet Hamas, or want to

Featured image The Star Tribune is still in search of “white supremacists” allegedly involved in the the festivities in Minneapolis that followed the death of George Floyd on Memorial Day. Now the federal authorities in Minnesota have just unsealed charges against two self-described Boogaloo Bois working the scene of the riots in Minneapolis. The Star Tribune has previously profiled one of the charged defendants. These guys are militant revolutionaries who sought to »

Coronavirus in one state (95)

Featured image I’m back ahead of schedule because Governor Walz held a press briefing yesterday in advance of the Labor Day weekend. He had with him Minnesota Department of Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm, Infectious Disease Division Director Kris Ehresmann, Dr.Cuong Pham, and Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan. Each spoke before Walz took questions for about 20 minutes. I have posted video of the briefing below. Deaths attributed to COVID-19 continue at the same »

Coronavirus in one state (94)

Featured image Deaths attributed by the authorities to COVID-19 continue at a low level. Over the past two days have reported six new deaths (9/1, one in a long-term care facility) and 7 new deaths (9/2, six LTC). Hospitalizations likewise remain at a low level. The LTC share of all deaths hovers around 74 percent. As of the last weekly report (8/27), the median age of all decedents is stuck at 83. »

Republicans Closing Fast In Minnesota

Featured image I have gone out on a limb and predicted that President Trump will carry Minnesota this year, while our friend Jason Lewis will win his Senate race against faceless incumbent Tina Smith. Tonight, poll data became available that suggest the Democrats’ hopes in Minnesota are fading fast. The survey was done by Harper Polling and covered 501 likely voters, reached by a combination of land lines and cell phones between »

Minneapolis: A damage assessment (2)

Featured image The catastrophe that has befallen Minneapolis this year gets a soft focus treatment in the the Eric Roper/Maya Rao Star Tribune story “‘Hard to be downtown’: Between riots and COVID, allure of downtown Minneapolis tested.” Subhead: “Six months into pandemic, downtown remains largely empty with 85% of area’s workforce still at home.” Staff writers Liz Navratil and Jim Buchta also contributed to the Star Tribune story. It takes four reporters »

Coronavirus in one state (93)

Featured image Over the past three days, fatalities attributed to COVID-19 have fallen to four (8/29, four in long-term care facilities), two (8/30, one in LTC), and one (8/31, in LTC). Hospitalizations remain at a virtually indetectable level. Yet the regular Department of Health press briefing (audio below) reached new depths of sorrow, threat, and panic presented by the commissioner of the mournful countenance. According to the authorities, new cases are increasing »

Dear AG Barr

Featured image Dear Attorney General Barr: A site called CrimethInc. has posted a first-person account and analysis of the destruction of the Minneapolis Police Department’s Third Precinct headquarters on May 27. The account is titled “The Siege of the Third Precinct in Minneapolis.” Executive summary: “In this anonymous submission, participants in the uprising in Minneapolis in response to the murder of George Floyd explore how a combination of different tactics compelled the »