Lessons learned: Kevin Roche versus Star Tribune (2)

Featured image The Star Tribune published its lead editorial on lessons supposedly learned from the epidemic the weekend before last in its July 11 edition, i.e., the Sunday paper. They saved it for the Sunday paper in order to give it maximum exposure. They thought it was so good it deserved all the readers they could get for it. The lessons supposedly learned came via the execrable Andy Slavitt. I flagged Kevin »

John Thompson speaks, sort of (3)

Featured image Over the weekend FOX 9’s Tom Lyden reported the sordid details of DFL state representative John Thompson’s domestic assault charges going back a decade and more. Following the publication of Lyden’s story, the DFL establishment turned on Thompson. Every member of the DFL establishment called in unison for Thompson’s resignation. Since he first appeared on the public scene in the summer of 2020, Thompson has manifested as an obvious racial »

John Thompson speaks, sort of (2)

Featured image The Minnesota Reformer’s Deena Winter has this update from a spokesman for Minnesota state representative John Thompson. Winter quotes a press release from former Thompson campaign manager Jamar Nelson: John Thompson was elected in November to do the will of the people and as a legislator that’s what he has gotten right to work and done. These latest malicious accusations are an attempted political distraction orchestrated by both parties and »

In re John Thompson, Democrats are shocked

Featured image I brought the case of John Thompson up to date early yesterday morning in “The mixed-up files of Rep. John Thompson.” I argued for the general importance of his case in the manifestation of the motive force of the Democratic Party. Minnesota Democrats deserve him as their public face. They should be stuck with him good and hard. By the end of the day, however, Minnesota’s Democratic establishment and its »

From the mixed-up files of Rep. John Thompson

Featured image I’ve stayed away from the story of DFL state representative John Thompson’s July 4 wee hours traffic stop by a St. Paul police officer for the past few days. Thompson is a racial hustler who rode his call to burn down Hugo, Minnesota last summer all the way to the state legislature in November 2020. Thompson is the true face of Minnesota’s DFL. He stands for something far larger than »

With Justice & Drew

Featured image I am scheduled to join Jon Justice and Drew Lee for the weekly Justice & Drew round table tomorrow morning from 7:00-9:00 a.m. (I am not sure producer Samantha Sansevere will be on hand this time.) The show runs from 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. weekdays on Twin Cities News Talk AM 1130. It is available via live stream here and in podcast form here. The show covers local and national »

The Thompson bodycam

Featured image St. Paul police have released the bodycam footage of the July 4 traffic stop of state representative John Thompson. I have embedded it below. The first minute and the last minute capture the interaction. He was driving with a Wisconsin driver’s license at a time when his driving privileges had been revoked as a result of an unmet child support obligation. He was stopped because his car lacked a front »

John Thompson speaks, sort of

Featured image DFL state representative John Thompson is a bully, thug, liar, and race hustler supreme. He made a name for himself threatening to burn down Hugo, Minnesota, in a threatening diatribe outside the home of then Minneapolis police union president Bob Kroll last summer. As a result of his good works, he was elected to the legislature in November 2020 from St. Paul’s East Side. Thompson has held a Wisconsin driver’s »

Covid lessons learned: Kevin Roche versus Star Tribune

Featured image The Star Tribune editorial board seeks to formulate “Early lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic.” On its news and opinion pages since March 2020 the paper has served with rare exception as a voice of hysteria concerning the virus and cheerleading for Governor Walz. It might be interesting to have them formulate early lessons of their coverage and punditry. On this occasion the editors use one Andy Slavitt to look back »

What Rep. John Thompson represents

Featured image After Ilhan Omar and Keith Ellison, the DFL’s John Thompson must be the most outrageous officeholder ever to disgrace public life in Minnesota. He rode his outrageous 2020 misconduct all the way to the Minnesota House of Representatives this past November. See the Alpha News archives on Thompson conveniently compiled here. Thompson represents something, all right, but it’s not exactly his St. Paul East Side constituents. Let’s see if we »

Another peaceful night at the peace garden

Featured image My first friend in life lives in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis. It has become a peculiar hellhole in solemn tribute to Winston Boogie Smith, who was killed in a U.S. Marshals fugitive task force operation when officers were executing a warrant for Smith’s arrest. My friend writes to note “more unpublicized action from Uptown last night” and sends along a link to the Uptown Crime Facebook page with the »

D.J. Hooker remains at large

Featured image Star Tribune reporter Liz Navratil provides a detailed account of the June 27 interaction between Minneapolis City Council member Andrea Jenkins and “protesters” who held her captive until she signed off on demands they presented to her. Navratil identifies “activist D.J. Hooker” (Donald J. Hooker, Jr.) as the leader of the gang. She linked to the 23-minute video that Hooker posted here on Facebook. The videos below get to the »

Notes on the Chauvin leaks (5)

Featured image Minnesota federal district court judge Patrick Schiltz has undertaken an investigation into the leak of grand jury information bearing on the civil rights charges against Derek Chauvin and his fellow officers. I first wrote about it in “The Chauvin leaks: Judge Schiltz’s order” and subsequently in the series of which this is part 5. I have been particularly interested in the leak that formed the basis Star Tribune reporter Andy »

Coronavirus in one state (162)

Featured image The divided Minnesota legislature appears to have ended the one-man rule of Governor Tim “tear down this” Walz overnight. It is perfectly fitting that Walz (I believe falsely) presents himself setting aside his crown as a matter of his royal grace (press release at 11:40 p.m. last night): After reaching a deal with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to protect monthly emergency food payments for Minnesotans, Governor Tim »

When City Officials Are Pro-Crime

Featured image We have written many times about the sad decline of the City of Minneapolis. Perhaps the number one villain of the story is City Council President Lisa Bender, who famously said on television that calling 911 when someone breaks into your house “comes from a place of privilege.” It is remarkable that such goofballs can be elected to public office. Minneapolis’s Uptown district has been devastated by riots and general »

The Tragedy of Minneapolis

Featured image While it hasn’t yet descended to the level of Portland, the City of Minneapolis is sliding rapidly toward a point of no return. Meanwhile, local politicians are AWOL. They aren’t even coming out against crime, let alone doing anything about it. The principal current focus of lawlessness is Uptown, formerly the city’s main entertainment district. Uptown is where Winston Boogie Smith opened fire on law enforcement officers who were trying »

Chauvin trial footnotes (8)

Featured image This continues and supplements part 7 of this series, mostly with respect to Chauvin’s sentencing this afternoon. I’m writing from the court’s Media Business Center across the street from the courthouse. I will add to this post until sentence is imposed. • More than 100 pages of briefs were filed supporting and opposing Chauvin’s post-trial motions. After I posted part 7 this morning, Judge Cahill summarily denied all of Chauvin’s »