Andrew Lee, RIP

Featured image I spent three hours with Drew Lee on Friday morning together with my friend Howard Root. We were Drew’s guests on KTLK AM 1130’s Justice & Drew news show. Unbelievably, it proved to be Drew’s last show. He passed away Saturday afternoon, way before his time. I am heartbroken. Recovering from open-heart surgery at the University of Minnesota Hospital, Jon Justice just made the devastating announcement on the air from »

The Star Tribune speaks

Featured image I’ve been mocking the Star Tribune on a daily basis for holding its editorial tongue on the Minnesota Supreme Court order requiring the city to comply with its charter. Today the Star Tribune speaks in the editorial “Ruling should end cop funding nonsense.” Subhead: “Minnesota Supreme Court rightly decides that Minneapolis must follow its charter requirements.” The editorial lays out the indisputable basics. It stops short of considering why the »


Featured image The Minnesota Supreme Court order in Spann v. Minneapolis City Council this past Monday highlights facts salient to the future of Minneapolis. The Minneapolis Police Department has lost 300 officers since the summer of Saint George just two years ago — about one-third of the force. The city is obligated by its own charter to maintain a police department of 731 officers. Yet the city now maintains the department with »

Readers deserve better

Featured image I have turned to today’s Star Tribune to check out the editorial board’s take on Monday’s Minnesota Supreme Court ruling against the city in Spann v. Minneapolis City Council. The city is short some 100 police officers of the minimum imposed by its own charter and has no prospect of coming into compliance any time soon. Even were it to achieve compliance, another 100 officers will leave the city short »

Speaking of “fewer choices”

Featured image On Monday the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled 7-0 that the Minneapolis mayor had breached his duty to staff the police department at the minimum level specified by the city charter. (The Supreme Court also ruled that the city council was in compliance with the related funding requirement.) For some reason or other, the police department has “lost” 300 officers since the summer of George Floyd. The city is now some »

A milestone in Minneapolis’s descent

Featured image The Minneapolis city charter requires the city to fund and employ a minimum number of police officers, yet the city resisted its legal obligation all the way to the Minnesota Supreme Court. Yesterday the Court ruled unanimously that the city’s resistance to its legal obligation lacked merit. I have embedded Chief Justice Gildea’s 9-page order at the bottom of this post. Five of the Court’s seven justices, by the way, »

Riding along with the MPD

Featured image Kyle Hooten recently rode along with the Minneapolis police during its Operation Safe Summer operation. Kyle briefly covered his ride-along in the Alpha News story here. The video is below. Minneapolis has fallen into a deep, deep hole with an undermanned and demoralized police department, an empowered criminal class, and an ineffectual judicial system. Over the past two years, the Minneapolis Police Department has lost almost 300 officers. Any sentient »

Color him father

Featured image I wrote this on Father’s Day several years ago. It is a post that struck a chord with at least a few readers. I have amplified it since then and am taking the liberty of reposting these reflections in honor of the day. My father was a thoughtful man in his own way. In the last years of his life he recited for me the things for which he was »

Liz Collin’s story

Featured image Candace Owens interviewed Emmy Award-winning former WCCO-TV news anchor Liz Collin and her husband, retired Minneapolis police lieutenant and union president Bob Kroll, for her Daily Wire show this week. Liz now works as a reporter for Alpha News. Alpha has posted the video below of Liz (mostly) telling her story. I haven’t heard Liz open up about her experience at home and on the job following George Floyd’s death »

On behalf of Dean McGeveran

Featured image David Jensen is the University of Minnesota Law School’s chief advancement officer. Mr. Jensen has emailed his response to my message to Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Dean William McGeveran, who moderated the Zoom webinar I addressed. I am posting Mr. Jensen’s response verbatim without further comment. * * * * * Dear Scott: Thank you for writing to Professor McGeveran regarding your concerns over the “Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s »

Dear Dean McGeveran: A footnote

Featured image The decline of the University of Minnesota Law School is only a small part of a much larger story and of limited interest at that, but it is my alma mater and traditionally a beneficiary of state funding as part of a public university. I found evidence of rot at the law school in a Zoom webinar promoted in the law school’s recent email newsletter and wrote to Associate Dean »

After midnight

Featured image Alpha News reporter Liz Collin rode along with law enforcement — undercover officers from the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office Carjacking Auto Theft Team — for a look at the hot rod/street racing burnouts and getaways that have become a deadly threat all over Minneapolis and St. Paul (video below). The name of the unit denotes the frequent use of stolen cars in the burnouts. As Liz reports, although the street »

Mr. Putz strikes again

Featured image The Minnesota Department of Human Rights has filed a 72-page charge of discrimination over a period of 10 years against the Minneapolis Police Department. I commented critically on the charge along with a link to the charge itself in “Who will speak for the MPD?” We have yet to see any of the 480,000 pages of documents and other evidence gathered by the department in the course of its investigation. »

After last night

Featured image We had a well-attended Zoom session for our VIP members last night. John led the discussion in which we looked back on our hits, misses, and mission over the past 20 years. Our long-time publisher, Joe Malchow, participated and made valuable contributions to the festivities. We went for an hour. After we concluded the discussion, however, I had a few thoughts that would have completed points I was trying to »

Pulling a Toobin in St. Louis Park

Featured image I attended the public forum of the candidates running in the DFL primary held in August 2018 at Beth El Synagogue and have referred to it a number of times in writing about Ilhan Omar, as in my “Open letter to Scott Gillespie.” (Gillespie is in charge of the opinion side of the Star Tribune.) Today Beth El Synagogue makes it into the New York Post in Jon Levine’s story »

Tear down this Walz

Featured image Minnesota Governor Tim Walz declared Covid-based emergency rule in March 2020. In a series of executive orders, Walz promulgated a moratorium suspending evictions and landlord-initiated lease terminations from March of 2020 through June 30, 2021. Landlords remained obligated to pay property and other taxes as well as mortgages. Of course. At Alpha News Liz Collin reports a Minneapolis landlord’s story. The story presents a vivid case study in irresponsible government »

Memorial Day weekend with Omar & Ellison

Featured image The category of vile Democrats is a large one and the competition for most vile is stiff. As a Minnesotan, I would nominate Fifth District Rep. Ilhan Omar and Attorney General Keith Ellison for the honor. I have been writing about them for about as long as they have been running for office — since 2016 in Omar’s case, since 2006 in Ellison’s case (running for Congress, Ellison was a »