Chimes of freedom

Featured image Bob Dylan celebrates his 83rd birthday today. When he snagged the Nobel Prize for Literature a few years ago, I pulled out all the stops by posting a big set of my favorite covers of his songs. I don’t have any stops left to pull, but I’m adding another cover or two (again) this year in honor of his birthday today. Dylan is first and foremost a songwriter. See, for »

Not dark yet

Featured image Today is the birthday of Minnesota native son Bob Dylan. He turns the ripe old age of 83. It’s not dark yet, but it’s getting there. I want to celebrate him as long we’re both still around to enjoy the occasion. He is a remarkable artist, self-invented, deep in the American grain. A few years back I visited Dylan’s old home at 2425 7th Avenue East in Hibbing. The house »

Feeding Our Bank Accounts: The Swag

Featured image We have reported many times on the Feeding Our Future scandal here in Minnesota. Minnesota’s Department of Education allowed taxpayers to be defrauded of somewhere between $250 million and $500 million in programs that ostensibly were intended to feed poor children during covid. Of course, if you did the math, there aren’t that many poor children in Minnesota, and the facilities whose operators got the money couldn’t possibly have fed »

Trump comes to town

Featured image Digging into our archives I find a previous comment on Rochelle Olson: “Rochelle Olson is a pitiful excuse of a reporter for the Star Tribune. Back in 2006, I called her out as ‘reckless and feckless,’ a judgment I stand by today.” If you run into me around town and have an hour or two to spare, ask me why. Olson covered President Trump’s appearance as the featured speaker at »

Minneapolis, Four Years On

Featured image On Memorial Day, it will be four years since George Floyd’s death and the ensuing riots. The riots raged for days, centered on Lake Street in south Minneapolis. So, four years later, how is that part of the city faring? My colleague Bill Glahn drove down Lake Street to see how things are going. The one-minute video below is the result. Watch for a particularly poignant moment: the Minneapolis Police »

An Alpha News Trump exclusive

Featured image President Trump gave our own Liz Collin of Alpha News six minutes of his time for an interview before court this morning. I have posted the video below. The related Alpha News story is posted here. President Trump will be dropping into the Twin Cities tomorrow night to be the featured speaker at our impecunious state party’s Lincoln Reagan dinner. According to the current KSTP-TV/SurveyUSA poll, Biden leads Trump 44-42, »

The lonesome death of Tyesha Edwards

Featured image In a nearby post John writes about the case of Myon Burrell. In the early days of Power Line John and I wrote several columns for the local newspapers decrying the murder of 11-year-old Tyesha Edwards. Tyesha was doing her homework at the dining room table in November 2002 when she was caught in the crossfire of Minneapolis gangbangers. Myon Burrell was convicted twice of Tyesha’s murder and sentenced to »

When Criminals and Law Enforcement Are On the Same Side

Featured image In 2002, a Twin Cities gang member, Myon Burrell, murdered an 11-year-old girl named Tyesha Edwards. She was sitting innocently in her home when a bullet fired incompetently by Burrell in a gang shoot-out brought her life to an end. Burrell was sentenced to life in prison for Edwards’ murder. But someone–who was it?–wrote years ago about the mismatch between the dead victim and the living murderer. The murderer can »

A benefit for my friend Scottie

Featured image I wrote about my friend Scott Sansby last year in “My friend Scottie.” We have been friends since my family moved from Moorhead to St. Paul in 1958. In other words, we have been friends since the Eisenhower administration. Scottie has an incredibly wide network of friends and admirers, but we stayed best friends through high school and have remained friends ever since. I share so many memories with Scottie »

Feeding our fraud goes to trial

Featured image I went to federal court in downtown Minneapolis yesterday morning for the opening statements in tbe first Feeding Our Future fraud trial. When it comes to Covid fraud, we’re number 1. The case features a cast of “diverse” defendants without much diversity. They are almost all Somali, I am sorry to say. By the same token, I believe that one of my Somali friends helped expose the fraud and assist »

A DEI Officer Bites the Dust

Featured image The kill-the-Jews rallies going on across America have resulted in casualties, including the leader of Columbia’s protests, now banned from the campus although it doesn’t appear that he has been expelled. Here in Minnesota, we have the entertaining spectacle of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion officer at the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health being fired, and subsequently starting a lawsuit. On to that in a moment, but first, »

America’s Native Criminal Class?

Featured image Mark Twain said that there is no distinctly American criminal class except Congress. However, he didn’t know about the Minnesota DFL party’s legislative delegation: The arrest rate in the United States is 2,181.7 per 100,000 each year, or 2.18%. The arrest rate for #mnleg Democrats is 3 per 104 in the last year, or 2.89%. Elected #mnleg Democrats have a 32% higher arrest rate than the general population. pic.twitter.com/rXxYlU31qi — »

“I know I did something bad”

Featured image The Democrats hold a one-vote majority in Minnesota’s state Senate. They used that advantage to pass an unprecedented barrage of far-left legislation in the 2023 session. Their skinny majority is now in jeopardy, however, because a DFL senator has been arrested for burglary. This account is from a local news outlet in Alexandria, Minnesota: A state senator from Woodbury, Minnesota has now been charged with burglary for breaking into her »

The Times Finds a Prosecutor It Likes

Featured image We have written a number of times about Mary Moriarty, the leftist who now serves as County Attorney for Hennepin County, Minnesota. Moriarty is a former public defender who thinks her job as prosecutor is to take the side of criminals. When she was sworn in as county attorney, did she put her hand on the Bible or perhaps a copy of the Constitution? No: she rested it on a »

Proofread this

Featured image I’m not a fan of the Star Tribune, yet keeping up with it is an occupational necessity for me. The Star Tribune dominates the local news in roughly the same fashion that the New York times dominates the national news. It sets the agenda for other outlets that chase its tail. Over at Alpha News, we seek to fill the void created by the Star Tribune and its uncompetitive competitors. »

Uber versus Übermensch

Featured image I want to strike a Nietzschean note in this comment on the rideshare ordinance enacted by the City of Minneapolis this past month. Under the ordinance, Uber and Lyft would be required to pay drivers a minimum rate of $1.40 per mile and 51 cents per minute to ensure that they earn the equivalent of local minimum wage of $15.57 per hour — effective May 1. The city council overrode »

Does Liberalism Work?

Featured image In my opinion, conservatism–i.e., freedom–is superior to liberalism–i.e., state power–on philosophical and moral grounds. But then there is the added argument that freedom, unlike socialism, actually works. We have seen this repeatedly: e.g., Jimmy Carter failed, while Ronald Reagan succeeded. Donald Trump (by no means a perfect exemplar of conservatism, but still, a sponsor of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act) succeeded, while Joe Biden failed. In recent years, we »