And the Golden Turkey Award Goes To…

Featured image Twice a year, Center of the American Experiment presents its Golden Turkey Award to highlight wasteful government spending in the State of Minnesota. Each contest features four nominees, and thousands of Minnesotans vote to select the winner. This time around, the nominees included a $261,000 grant to the University of Minnesota to teach eagles not to fly into wind turbines; $6.2 million to study development of a half-mile long “land »

The Luger letter in context

Featured image Yesterday I reiterated the questions raised by Andrew Luger’s August 2016 letter to counsel for Ilhan Omar. Luger saved Omar’s career when he sent out the letter in violation of Department of Justice policy and what I understand to be the essence of the facts. Now that President Biden has nominated him to serve a second tour as United Stats Attorney for Minnesota, perhaps he can answer a few questions »

Restatement on the return of Andrew Luger

Featured image Yesterday President Biden nominated Andrew Luger to serve as United States Attorney for Minnesota. The Star Tribune reported in early September that the FBI was conducting its final background check on Luger prior to his nomination. Something must have held it up. With Luger’s formal nomination, I am restating what I wrote this past September. This would be Luger’s second tour. He also served as United States Attorney under President »

With Justice and Drew

Featured image I was on the Justice and Drew morning show on KTLK AM 1130 this morning with Minneapolis attorney Jeff O’Brien for the two-hour Friday “roundtable.” I have heard from readers, friends, and listeners with comments and questions following up on our discussion on the show this morning. The podcast version of the roundtable is posted below for readers who might find it of interest. In addition to Alpha News (on »

Kevin Roche responds

Featured image Over at Healthy Skeptic Kevin Roche has responded to comments on his Star Tribune column that I posted in “Time to get on.” Having posted his column, I wanted to add his response: I must have really struck a nerve with this one. I don’t read the comments, a complete waste of time, but a number of you have passed on the gist of them. I am obviously heartless, which »

Kevin Roche: Time to get on

Featured image I was Kevin Roche’s classmate at the University of Minnesota Law School. Kevin went on to become general counsel of UnitedHealth and chief executive officer of its Ingenix division. He writes at Healthy Skeptic. Today’s Star Tribune carries Kevin’s column “Time to face hard truths and get on with life — virus and all.” Kevin adds a complementary comment on his column at his site here. The Democrats now promote »

Sapp’s law in Mankato

Featured image The Mankato (Minnesota) School board met on September 20. Concerned parents showed up to use the open forum time to voice disappointment with mask mandates. This was apparently the first meeting during which speakers were asked to state their addresses before speaking. The board next met on October 18. Ahead of open forum time board chairman Jodi Sapp announced a new ban on comments critical of specific school board members »

Kevin Roche speaks

Featured image Gene Galin interviewed Kevin Roche for Chatham Journal last week. I have posted the video below. Kevin is the proprietor of Healthy Skeptic and the former general counsel of UnitedHealth as well as former CEO of its Ingenix division. Kevin has tracked the data and the research on Covid-19 from the beginning. He knows what he is talking about and is able lucidly to articulate his knowledge. The video supplements »

At the Noor resentencing

Featured image Having covered the 2019 trial of former Minneapolis Police Officer Mohamed Noor for the murder of Justine Ruskcyk Damond, I attended Noor’s resentencing this morning by Hennepin County District Judge Kathryn Quaintance. When I say “covered,” I mean every day from inside the courtroom at a seat behind Justine’s family that I snagged when the New York Times proved a no-show. Resentencing was necessitated by the Minnesota Supreme Court decision »

Omar vs. the Star Tribune

Featured image The Minneapolis Star Tribune published an op-ed by Bret Stephens that criticized Rashida Tlaib and other far-left Democratic House members for their futile opposition to funding of the Iron Dome program. The Stephens op-ed originally appeared in the New York Times; the Star Tribune version included the headline “Omar, ‘squad,’ launch another anti-Israel strike.” This, along with other alleged sins by the Star Tribune, was too much for Omar and »

Where we are now

Featured image Tracking the party line on the course of the epidemic in Minnesota, Kevin Roche unloads on Governor Walz and the Minnesota Department of Health in the Healthy Skeptic post “It’s not good to bottle up your negative feelings…” Kevin has been compiling data on breakthrough infections in graphic form, as he did here last week. (Kevin refers below to the updated table that he has not yet posted to his »

Derek Chauvin finds a lawyer

Featured image I wrote here (October 6) and here (October 7) about former Minneapolis Police Department Officer Derek Chauvin’s lack of legal representation on appeal of his conviction of George Floyd’s murder. Chauvin continues to be represented by Eric Nelson in the federal civil rights prosecution brought by the Department of Justice, but Nelson’s representation has terminated in the state court case that convulsed the Twin Cities. I summoned the spirit of »

Where we are now

Featured image Kevin Roche has posted striking data on relative death risks in the matter of Covid-19. While the Star Tribune continues to wage a campaign of fear consistent with the Democrats’ agenda, I asked Kevin for a set of bullet points drawing inferences with public policy implications from the data — “broader commentary on where we are with the epidemic, in light of my relative death risk tables,” as he put »

Derek Chauvin still needs a lawyer

Featured image Yesterday I put out the call for an attorney to represent Derek Chauvin on appeal of his conviction of the murder of George Floyd. In my post I noted that Chauvin’s request for a public defender to represent him on appeal had been denied and that his appeal of that determination was pending before the Minnesota Supreme Court. The court’s filings in Chauvin’s case are accessible here. Chauvin’s in forma »

Derek Chauvin needs a lawyer

Featured image Joe Tamburino is a Minneapolis lawyer who specializes in criminal defense. He observed the trial of Derek Chauvin from beginning to end in order to provide the commentary that accompanied Jason DeRusha’s coverage of WCCO TV’s online streaming of the trial. Last month Chauvin filed an appeal of his conviction and sentence. In the Star Tribune this morning Tamburino has a column pointing out that Chauvin has some strong legal »

Covid Morgue, RIP

Featured image We (Scott, mostly) have chronicled the inept and destructive reaction to covid by Minnesota’s Governor Tim Walz. That response began with a campaign to scare the daylights out of Minnesotans that was second, perhaps, only to what has happened in Australia. A key element of the campaign of fear was the “Minnesota model,” touted by Walz and his minions as the “scientific” basis for the extreme actions they took. Never »

Break on through (to the other side)

Featured image Kevin Roche continues to follow the Covid-19 data and research. His Healthy Skeptic site pierces the fog on a daily basis. Most recently, focusing on Minnesota, Kevin has sought to understand the phenomenon of breakthrough infections. At my request, Kevin provides the following background to his post “Breakthrough Infections, September 27,” which should be consulted together with these comments. Kevin writes: Vaccines against respiratory viruses historically provide good adaptive immunity, »