Dave Begley: Live from Council Bluffs

Omaha attorney Dave Begley was on hand for us last night when President Trump made his campaign appearance in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Dave has filed this report:

Former FBI agent Peter Strzok famously said that he could smell Trump voters. For once, he was right in one respect. Thursday night in Council Bluffs, Iowa, the smell was in the air. It was the smell of winning. Winning with the Kavanaugh confirmation. Winning with the new trade deal. The smell of winning is beautiful.

The president said that the only reason to vote Democrat is if you are tired are winning. And who could disagree with him? He rattled off accomplishment after accomplishment for over an hour. 

 President Trump has perfected his performance art. Since I have seen him do it live six times, I can say he has it down cold now. It is a combination of comedy routine, vaudeville, football pep rally and sermon. It has standard parts: noting the crowd size (it was full), introducing local GOP politicians, recounting his accomplishments, news items, agenda items, personal stories, attacking opponents and crowd participation (“Build That Wall” and my personal favorite, “Lock Her Up” — now including Dianne Feinstein).

He started his speech recounting the historic confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Every time the new justice’s name was brought up, the crowd went absolutely wild. The President noted that the Democrats were on a mission to destroy Kavanaugh and their outrageous conduct was a national disgrace. 

President Trump is a fierce and fearless competitor. He is the ultimate fighter for America. There was no way he was going to withdraw support for his Jesuit-educated SCOTUS nominee. Brett Kavanaugh was no quitter. He learned persistence on the football field and basketball courts of Georgetown Prep.

Trump did his own version of a touchdown dance in Iowa last night. Think about it. A sitting federal judge was accused of sexual assault and gang rape and there was no corroborating evidence. Any fair analysis showed it was all lies. CNN last night asserted that President Trump’s statement that Justice Kavanaugh was proven innocent was false. Only a deranged partisan would not think Brett Kavanaugh was proven innocent. This Kavanaugh confirmation hearing was a watershed political and cultural event.

At one point in the rally President Trump noted that he has kept his promise of allowing E15 ethanol to be sold year-round. That then lead to an amusing exchange in which it was discovered that about 80 percent of the crowd was from Nebraska.

One of the main beneficiaries of the event was Iowa congressman David Young. His opponent is Cindy Axne. Trump renamed her Cindy Tax-me. He said that one was “too easy.”

The Trump campaign granted me press credentials for the event and they proved a godsend. I avoided waiting in a long line during a rain storm. As a member of the Fake News media I had pleasant exchanges with Kevin Corke of FOX News and Jeff Zeleny (a Nebraska alum) of CNN. Note: The TV guys dress better than the print guys.

We are coming up on two years of the Trump victory. I won’t recount all of his impressive accomplishments. But I will note that he has done all this work in the face of the 24/7 Russia witch hunt and breathless speculation about it by the Fake News. A lesser man would have folded. But not Trump. He fights.