Is it something he said? (2)

On Friday I wrote about Richard Pollock’s exclusive Daily Caller report on the FBI raid involving some 16 agents who called whistleblower Dennis Nathan Cain. The problem here seems to be that Cain is blowing the whistle on federal law enforcement (or the nonfeasance thereof) in matters pertaining to the Clinton crime family. As if that weren’t enough, Robert Mueller’s past service as FBI Director is implicated as well.

On Friday I sought more information from Cain attorney Michael Socarras and the media officer with the Department of Justice Inspector General. My efforts were unsuccessful. Checking Cain’s Twitter feed, however, I see that Cain is scheduled to appear with his attorney tomorrow night on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show. I will try again tomorrow to get something from the the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General. Notwithstanding the lack of coverage this story has received so far, it is not yet going away.