Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll takes a lemon and makes a lemonade in A MEDITATION ON GRATITUDE. She writes:

Last Saturday, I read Scott’s column on the unseemly ingratitude of Ilhan Omar. Unfortunately, the day before, I had written an almost identical column to post this week. I sent mine to Scott with a laugh, accusing him of performing a Vulcan mind-meld, but he encouraged me to give it my own spin. So here is my take, with a bonus tacked on.


Try to imagine yourself being born a little girl in a war-torn land, run by lunatics and savages, each and every one the same color as you, the same religion as you, who enjoy removing critical parts of little girls’ genitalia and dragging dead U.S. soldiers through the streets. Your homeland provides zero opportunity for you as a female person. If you live.

Now imagine that somehow you are part of the early wave of refugees who get to escape from this place President Trump correctly, if inelegantly, termed a “sh*thole.” You get to go, say, to Sweden, where you are fed, housed, educated, given a free ride to college, and treated like a celebrity. Might you feel you owed the Universe one of the biggest karmic debts ever? What could you do to ever repay such generosity, such opportunity?

Might you grow up to be THE biggest cheerleader for your generous new homeland? Might you never cease thanking Allah or Jesus or Hashem or at least blind dumb luck for this great and generous country that plucked you out of certain disaster and set you up on a path to untold riches and fame? Well, no. Not exactly.

You will, for reasons that are completely unclear, hate everything about your new homeland and do everything in your power to recreate the very culture you fled. You will turn on the Swedes and try to ruin the society that coddled and protected you from your own kind.

But, of course, we aren’t talking about Sweden or a random little refugee girl. We are talking about fraudster, bigamist, vicious anti-Semite, America-hater, and member of the House of Representatives, Ilhan Omar. She was not sheltered in Sweden; she was awarded THE Most Valuable Lottery Ticket in the World – the right to settle in the USA, sweet land of liberty and unlimited opportunity for everyone regardless of race, creed, or sex.

Unlike other earlier waves of refugees and immigrants, however, instead of being provided for by relatives or members of her wider community, she was supported by taxpayers and charitable givers who provided food, shelter, and education. Ah, but the largesse didn’t stop there. In Minnesota, where Ms. Omar and up to 100,000 of her co-thinkers settled, there is a place called Neighborhood House, funded by generous contributors from several “faith traditions,” but most notably Jewish synagogues.

Here you can take classes, learn English, study in a safe space if you are a student, pick up some free groceries, and line up for beautiful free school supplies for your children. I happen to know this because I have been a volunteer. I handed tablets, crayons, and backpacks to adorable little Mexicans, Hmong, and Somalis and the little Asian and Mexican youngsters always said thank you. Never once did I get a thank you from the Somali kids or their parents. I only did it twice, so maybe I just got a particularly rude batch. Or maybe hostility, rudeness and entitled arrogance are either prized qualities in the culture or learned behavior once they get here? Watching Omar’s rude KGB-like interrogation of Elliott Abrams confirmed to me that this woman displays ignorance and arrogance in equal proportions.

I am mortified for the voters in my home state of Minnesota who elected to send this bigot to the House of Representatives and for Nancy Pelosi who insisted Omar be placed on the Foreign Relations Committee where she could do the most treasonous damage. Shame. Shame. Shame. But at least Ms. Omar has chosen to focus on UN-Level Israel Hatred and the critical issue of men pretending to be women being able to compete in women’s powerlifting. I will sleep well tonight knowing I do not have to worry about actual women winning that event ever again.


In four short weeks, my column will turn FIVE. I cannot believe that I have been guest-blogging on this fine site for so long, and yet, I am only two years older! I’m pretty sure I look exactly the same, lying Driver’s License photos notwithstanding. After the first couple of years, devoted commenters and readers clamored for a compilation of the columns in book form for easy access. One overenthusiastic reader even threatened my immortal soul, suggesting that I would be called to answer for my sins of omission at The Pearly Gates! Well, with enough to worry about on Judgment Day, I did not think that I could risk that.

And so I churned out the first book, Ammo Grrrll Hits the Target, to modest fanfare, a nice response, and some 52 5-Star Reviews on Amazon. My second book, Ammo Grrrll Aims True, was launched with a low-key campaign, barely mentioned within another column. Nobody likes a panderer…and yet, it has not sold as well as the first book where I nagged everyone I had ever known. There is a reason advertising – and nagging — actually work!

And now here comes Volume 3: Ammo Grrrll Returns Fire. Kids, this one is the best of all because this one covers the election run-up and the Righteous Red Meat Response to Hillary’s famous “Deplorable” speech (p. 97). Hence, the title of the book. I believe that column alone is worth the price of the book. Oh, and Hillary will never be President. The 2016 election is covered on p.129. It never gets old.

I don’t want to give away any more spoilers, so I will tell you that, if this is the 3rd book, and I am compiling a year’s worth of columns into each book, there will be five books in all. Now, even with shipping and handling, when you buy all five, it would work out to cost roughly 33 cents a Friday column. I like to think that’s a pretty decent bargain. You cannot buy a cup of coffee for that, even a Keurig cup. And that’s paperback. E-book is pocket change.

Thank you. I am extremely grateful. Many of you say that I make YOU happy, and this whole enterprise makes me very happy. Happiness is what the left hates even more than success. As the Angel Clarence says in It’s a Wonderful Life, “Every time you’re happy or kind, a Leftist loses what’s left of xer mind.” At least I think that was it. Close enough.


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