The case of Mr. O’Rourke

Robert Francis O’Rourke (as Karl Rove unfailingly calls him) is otherwise known as Beto. Moving on from his losing Senate campaign against Ted Cruz, Mr. O’Rourke announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president this morning in the video below. His announcement statement consists of a concatenation of cliches and euphemisms reflecting positions that are profoundly wrong for America but somehow right for the Democratic Party.

He asserts that he has the courage to confront the reality of slavery and segregation. He favors immigration of all kinds. He wants to get control of the climate, and all the rest. He recites the cliches with the conviction of a true believer. He really means it, or them.

Oh, Lord, spare us. But then again, that is a sentiment that applies to them all.

O’Rourke’s manner seems a little manic to me. He bounces up and down on the couch while his wife sits at his side and looks on adoringly. She smiles benignly. Why is this woman smiling?

Seen from the right point of view, this could be confused with a satire of the reigning shibboleths of the Democratic Party.


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