Biden’s China syndrome

A friend sends along today’s big Wall Street Journal story “Frustration, Miscalculation: Inside the U.S.-China Trade Impasse” with this comment:

I wonder how much Biden’s comments that China was not a threat, and some polls showing he could win, played a role in persuading China to back off. Biden’s comments were very destructive, regardless.

He (through his son) is bought and paid for by China. If he is the nominee, Trump could win on that issue.

I am surprised the connection between Biden’s comments, the trade talk derailment, and now awareness of the China bribes hasn’t been included in stories like th[e WSJ story linked above].

As for the Hunter Biden factor to which my friend refers in the second paragraph of his message, Peter Schweizer is on the case. See Peter’s New York Post column “The troubling reason why Biden is so soft on China.”