Happy Father’s Day Everybody! [Updated]

You know who’s really enjoying this Father’s Day? Donald Trump, that’s who. With these two tweets early this morning, he’s ruined Father’s Day for the media and The Resistance (but I repeat myself):

You can just hear liberal heads exploding from coast-to-coast—especially over the bit about staying on if the people demand it. Heh.

UPDATE: Sometimes I wonder if Trump is actually the reincarnation of Dr. Pavlov. Certainly USA Today responded like a cocaine study rat:

By the way, notice that Trump said “the people” might want him to stay longer, not just “supporters.” Quite revealing little slip about what USA Today thinks of the people. And then they couldn’t help themselves but lapse into pedantry and punditry:

The only American president to serve more than two terms was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who died during his fourth term in office.

Some progressive commentators have speculated about the possibility of Trump not leaving office if he loses the election narrowly. Last week, Bill Maher said on CNN that if Trump loses, “he won’t go.”

Thanks for the free Father’s Day entertainment, USA Today!

Bonus features: