The Power Line Show, Ep. 146: Breaking Down the 1619 Project, Pt. 4, with Lucas Morel

Lucas Morel

I’m a little late getting this week’s episode put together, but just in time for your Sunday afternoon walk or Monday morning commute, another installment in our special series critiquing the 1619 Project. For this episode I gave a field promotion to co-host for “Lucretia,” because we have a very special guest Lucas Morel, who is professor of politics and head of the politics department at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia, where he teaches and writes on racial issues in American politics and history. Among other things, Prof. Morel is one of the nation’s leading scholars of Ralph Ellison.

He has a long article on the 1619 Project forthcoming at the Claremont Institute’s American Mind, and we decided to scoop our friends at Claremont by talking through some of the key issues with Lucas ahead of time. Finally, we get around to taking up the important thought of Frederick Douglass, who so far has been conspicuously missing from the 1619 Project. It is also a nice break for me to have Lucretia beating up on someone else for a change.

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