Joe Biden: “Let’s talk about the future”

Featured image Joe Biden, having finally apologized, ridiculously, for his remarks about working with segregationists in the 1970s, is imploring his Democratic rivals to “talk about the future instead of the past.” But talk about the past is usually more probative than talk about the future when it comes to selecting a president. Candidates who talk about the future can promise the moon. Talking about the past provides a good indication of »

Joe Biden: “I was a public defender. I didn’t become a prosecutor.”

Featured image Joe Biden, in responding during last week’s debate to Kamala Harris’s hard-hitting attack over his expression of pride in working with racist Senators to curb the busing of school children, said: I was a public defender. I didn’t become a prosecutor. Many viewers may have wondered what this biographical fact had to do with the debate over race. Was Biden saying that defending criminals, rather than prosecuting them, is evidence »

Democratic bidding war on race heats up — long may it continue

Featured image Kamala Harris’s attack on Joe Biden over his opposition to court-ordered school busing has intensified the march to the left by Democratic presidential candidates. The Washington Post frets: [T]he emerging dynamics are. . .sparking concern among some in the party who fear that renewing painful debates over school busing risks turning off centrist voters whom Democrats hope to win next year. . . . Al Sharpton wants a leading role »

Kamala Harris’s Berkeley school days

Featured image The East Bay Times reports on the busing of Kamala Harris in Berkeley, California circa 1970, about which I have been speculating. If the report is accurate, Harris’s claim that she was “part of the second class to integrate her public schools” is not quite true. Berkeley’s public schools were integrated long before Harris was bused. However, the busing program that more fully integrated her elementary school was instituted the »

About Kamala Harris and Busing

Featured image Paul has been on top of the apparent Kamala Harris fraud. Harris, attacking Joe Biden for having collaborated with segregationist Democrats in the Senate to oppose school busing, claimed that she was bused as a kid, in Berkeley, and it did her a world of good. Or something like that. Given the demography and geography of Berkeley at the time–she was 10 years old in 1974–it seems highly unlikely that »

Is Kamala Harris telling the truth about her Berkeley days?

Featured image Last night, Kamala Harris repeated her story about how, thanks to busing, she was able to be part of only the second class to integrate in the Berkeley public school system. She used this story to thrash Joe Biden, who offered anti-busing legislation as a U.S. Senator in the 1970s. Last year, I questioned Harris’ story: [I]s it. . .true that Harris was in only the second class to integrate »

The Bad Economics of Reparations

Featured image Last week a House Judiciary subcommittee held a hearing on reparations at which activist Ta-Nehisi Coates testified. Coates told the committee that before the Civil War, nearly half of the economic activity of the United States was generated by cotton produced by slaves. This was an implausible claim on its face, for those who know anything about the pre-Civil War economy. Had it been true, the South might well have »

Biden worked with segregationists on racial issues

Featured image After Joe Biden boasted about his ability to work with segregationist Senators James Eastland and Herman Talmadge, I wrote: “There was nothing improper about Biden working with Eastland and Talmadge on non-racial issues of mutual interest.” It turns out, however, that Biden worked with them on a racial issue — school busing. Biden opposed busing children to school for the purpose of creating more integrated classrooms. One of his earliest »

Republican Segregationists?

Featured image Democrats are locked into their all race, all the time narrative, in which they try to paint Republicans as villains. This is utterly ahistorical, of course: someone should remind these ignoramuses that the Ku Klux Klan was the militant arm of the Democratic Party, and that avowed segregationists populated the Democratic Party until very recently. Segregationists like James Eastland and Herman Talmadge, whose racist credentials have never been challenged. Joe »

Biden under fire for touting his ability to get along with racists

Featured image At a fundraiser in New York last night (Tuesday), Joe Biden boasted about his ability, in the 1970s, to work with Senators James Eastland and Herman Talmadge. Both were arch-segregationists, the former from Mississippi, the latter from Georgia. Biden described his relationship with the two Dixiecrats as “civil.” Of Talmadge, Biden said, “We got things done, we didn’t agree on much of anything, we got things done.” Of Eastland, he »

“Sacred Conversations” Draw Attention of Civil Rights Commissioner

Featured image I wrote here about the City of Minneapolis’s plan to hold a series of “Sacred Conversations” commemorating the 400th anniversary of the arrival of African slaves at Jamestown, Virginia. City employees were to be segregated by race, with “White Bodied Employees” attending one set of meetings, and “Black Bodied Employees” another. Stung, I suppose, by criticism when the plan became public, the City announced that the “Sacred Conversations” had been »

President Trump and Race [Updated]

Featured image It has been a long time since David Brooks has written anything worth paying attention to, and his current New York Times column, titled “The Racial Reckoning Comes” and subtitled “Trump has changed our national narrative,” is no exception. But, while I don’t want to critique it in detail, it does prompt a question. Brooks says that when he was young, the predominant narrative about America featured men like Benjamin »

Segregation Comes to Minnesota

Featured image It has often been observed that progressives are re-segregating some areas of the country, especially college campuses. But Minnesota has never been segregated, so our progressives are boldly venturing to segregate our citizens by race for the first time. The City of Minneapolis has scheduled a series of “sacred conversations” with the city’s staff. The series goes under the title, “400 Years of Resistance and Liberation. Remembering, Recovering, Reimagining.” Here »

A Racial Incident at a Boston Museum

Featured image I follow a number of museums on Instagram, including Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts. That is how I learned about an incident involving the Helen Y. Davis Leadership Academy. MFA posted this on its account: Throughout the past week, the MFA has implemented some immediate action steps in response to the recent incidents involving students from the Helen Y. Davis Leadership Academy. We are actively examining our visitor services protocols, »

Asians as Beneficiaries of White Privilege

Featured image The success of Asian-Americans is a severe embarrassment to the race industry. Race hustlers focus on “gaps” between whites and blacks with regard to income and educational attainment, which they attribute to “systemic” racism. But what about the gaps between Asian-Americans and whites? Asians, on average, earn considerably more than whites and as a group they do better in school. Is their superior performance due to “systemic” racism directed against »

Racism: Is There Anything It Can’t Do?

Featured image This claim is so stupid that I can’t even give it one of our coveted Green Weenie Awards: Racial Resentment May Be Fueling Climate Denial After Barack Obama took office, white Americans were less likely to see climate change as a serious problem, according to a recent paper published in the journal Environmental Politics. The study further finds evidence of a link between racial resentment and climate change denial. This is »

What Is White Supremacy?

Featured image We hear an amazing amount about white supremacy these days. Seemingly, white supremacists are everywhere, although to my knowledge I’ve never met one. Nor am I sure what “white supremacy” is supposed to mean. Is it Joe Biden’s insane theory that Republicans “want to put y’all back in chains”? If not, then what is it? The New York Post sheds light on how leftists use the term “white supremacy” in »