Confronting BLM at Berkeley

Featured image In the hectic days before departing for my current overseas assignment (more on that shortly—I’ve got a lot in the can already), I didn’t have time to relate hosting Heather Mac Donald, the most fearless journalist in America, for the Federalist Society at Berkeley Law. A substantial contingent of Black Lives Matter protestors turned up to register their displeasure at Heather’s presence and message. Let’s just say it was a »

Kendi Kar Krash

Featured image Ibram X. Kendi, ne Ibram Henry Rogers, is this generation’s Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton on steroids: race hustling shakedowns perfected. His target has been universities, which have been content to shower him with money, the most recent being Boston University, which lured him and his Center for Antiracist Research away from American University several years ago. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey gave Kendi a $10 million unrestricted grant, among other »

Making the Case For Capital Punishment

Featured image This video is everywhere today. Two black teenagers steal a car and go joyriding. They film themselves as they rear-end another vehicle, then spot a man bicycling along the side of the road. They deliberately run him over, killing him, as they film the murder, laughing: If you doubt structural racism can impact people’s lives, you need to watch this video. pic.twitter.com/DqJdOS797D — Richard Hanania (@RichardHanania) September 15, 2023 Comment »

The Fall of Minneapolis: A preview

Featured image Alpha News has just released a preview of its upcoming documentary The Fall of Minneapolis. Alpha’s fearless and Emmy Award-winning reporter Liz Collin wrote and produced the documentary. Dr. J.C. Chaix directed it. Alpha News reports: The documentary exposes the holes in the prevailing narrative surrounding George Floyd’s death, the trial of Derek Chauvin, and the fallout that both wrought on the city of Minneapolis. The documentary features dozens of »

Proof That Law Enforcement Does Not Discriminate Against Blacks

Featured image In May 2020, the world was turned upside down when a massively-overdosed George Floyd died on a Minneapolis street while waiting for an ambulance that could have saved his life. The narrative that Minnesota’s criminal justice system was biased against blacks immediately took hold, encouraged by Minnesota’s own state and local officials. In response to that narrative, states and local jurisdictions across America, and even around the world, enacted “reforms” »

Maybe Black Lives Matter After All

Featured image Back when Black Lives Matter and its adjunct cause—Defund the Police—got underway following the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in 2015 (justified, according to Obama’s Department of Justice review of the incident), critics such as Heather Mac Donald, Charles Murray, and others predicted that blacks would become the principal victims of this movement. Of course they were right, but the response was always, “Shut up, racist!” You’re not »

Supreme Court Finally Strikes Down Race-Based Admissions

Featured image The Supreme Court’s long expected ruling on the Harvard and University of North Carolina race-based admissions practices was just released. A 6-3 vote, along predictable lines, backs up Chief Justice John Roberts’s very strong opinion, which relies on the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. I’m still making my way through the concurrences (Thomas decided to write a long concurrence giving the originalist ground for the ruling, as well »

Will the Real Black Man Please Stand Up?

Featured image Barack Obama has criticized Tim Scott and Nikki Haley for getting off the left-wing plantation. His attack goes straight to the heart, not only of liberal ideology, but of the strategic position of the Democratic Party: Barack Obama has criticized two Republican presidential hopefuls, the South Carolina senator Tim Scott and the former UN ambassador Nikki Haley, over their stances on race relations in America. In a podcast interview, Obama, »

Pregame for “Massive Resistance”

Featured image After the Brown v. Board of Education decision in 1954 ended segregation in public schools, many jurisdictions in the south engaged in what they openly called “massive resistance” to the Court’s decree, and enforcing the decision required both legislation and many follow-up lawsuits at every level of the federal judiciary for many years after. It appears colleges and universities are already preparing their own “massive resistance” to a prospective Supreme »

Joe Biden, apostle of love

Featured image I don’t think Steve Hayward has plans to run this useful little chart by our friend Mark Perry in his Daily Chart series, but it would in any event bear repetition. It is Mark’s concise response to President Biden’s characterization of the “poison of white supremacy” as the “most dangerous threat to our homeland security” this past weekend in his Howard University Class of 2023 commencement address. At his commencement »

George Floyd 2.0?

Featured image The following question ought to be put publicly: If the person who died as the result of Daniel Penny’s brave act of self-defense had been white or Asian, would Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg have indicted Penny? Everyone knows the answer to this. The left is clearly trying to re-run the George Floyd drill. In the aftermath of Floyd’s death, the nation’s ruling elite had a nervous breakdown. One good indicator »

Behind the Left’s Addiction to Racism

Featured image As is well known, the problem with addiction is that it requires larger and larger doses to get results, until it becomes fatally destructive to the addict. This medical fact may well be a political fact for the left, as its obsession with all things race has lead it progressively over the last generation to find more and more of it, requiring ever more outlandish remedies, such as trillion-dollar reparations »

What’s the Matter With Texas?

Featured image Sadly, having large Republican majorities in a legislature does not guarantee sound public policy. A case in point comes from the current session in Texas, where conservatives are trying to stamp out the left-wing race and gender ideologies that have been institutionalized at the University of Texas. Texas SB 17 would defund and prohibit DEI departments, officers, employees, training, and so on in Texas state colleges and universities. The bill »

Podcast: When Race Trumps Merit, with Heather Mac Donald

Featured image Heather Mac Donald may be the most fearless journalist in America. She is relentless in her reporting, bracing in her truth-telling, and ferocious in arguing her case. Her new book, When Race Trumps Merit: How the Pursuit of Equity Sacrifices Excellence, Destroys Beauty, and Threatens Lives, explores how the current attack on meritocracy in the name of “equity” is rampaging through almost all American institutions, in particular arts and culture, »

Who was the real MLK?

Featured image I greatly respect the biographer/historian David Garrow for the depth of his research and the honesty of his work. I wrote about his gargantuan biography of Barack Obama in “Obama’s airbrushed dreams” and quoted from his response to one of my queries about it. As the title »

Veep thoughts with Kamala Harris

Featured image Vice President Kamala Harris had warm words for Al Sharpton at his New York jamboree this past Friday. The White House has posted the transcript of Harris’s remarks here. Harris had this to say right at the top of her speech (warning: reading may induce nausea): Rev, I love you. (Laughter.) And I thank you on behalf of all of us — everyone — for all that you do and »

Susan Rice: Discrimination against blacks cost the US $16 trillion

Featured image Domestic Policy Council Director and former National Security Advisor Susan Rice made an astonishing claim during remarks before Al Sharpton’s racial justice advocacy group National Action Network last Wednesday. She said that between 2000 and 2020, racism against blacks cost the US $16 trillion in lost GDP. That’s quite a statement. She told the audience: In the last 20 years, the US had a GDP shortfall of $16 trillion due »