Dem Blues: Curiouser and Curiouser

The newest Des Moines Register poll one month out from the Iowa caucuses is no doubt giving heartburn to the Democratic establishment, because it shows someone who is only occasionally a Democrat (usually on leap years) to be in the lead, with Buttigieg slipping and Biden stuck in neutral:

But what is the Washington Post most concerned about?

But, but—I though Elizabeth Warren was . . . what’s that? Oh. Never mind.

Meanwhile, did you happen to notice the late John Kerry turning up a lot in the news the last few days attacking President Trump’s moves against Iran? That’s because:

Yeah, I know, the signs say “Biden,” but what do you think is really going through his head? The dude seriously thinks he has a chance:

Thoughts: Biden seems stuck in the mud. Think of him as the Spinal Tap of candidates: his appeal is getting “more selective.” But if he finishes fourth in Iowa and New Hampshire, I doubt South Carolina can save him. Though the wild card will be Bloomberg and Steyer: will they turn their ample warchests into attack ads on Sanders, the way Mitt Romney serially destroyed each successive challenger in 2012? That will set up a Democratic base versus billionaires fight that will lead to a serious nationwide popcorn shortage.

Chaser: Could Pelosi be timing the transmission of the impeachment articles to the Senate to get Bernie off the campaign trail and help the supposedly more electable Biden?

P.S.: The prediction markets for the first time now rate Trump the favorite to win the election.