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Blacks for Buttigieg event disrupted by white “black lives matter” protester

Featured image John wrote below about Democrats gone wild. Let’s file the following story under left-wing Democrats gone wild. Pete Buttigieg hasn’t been able to garner significant support from blacks. One reason is said to be his disagreements with black activists over policing in South Bend, Indiana, where Buttigieg is mayor. I doubt that this is Buttigieg’s main problem with black voters, but I’m sure it doesn’t help him. In any case, »

Bernie and Liz differentiate

Featured image When the presidential campaign season began, Bernie Sanders may have figured, as many of us did, that Elizabeth Warren would not make a strong run for the nomination. Polls did not place her at or near the top of the pack. Warren may have figured that Sanders, though polling well, would fade. To many, he seemed like yesterday’s man. Whether for these reasons or some other, neither Sanders nor Warren »

The Squad Feels the Bern

Featured image Multiple sources say that the Democratic House “Squad” is set to endorse Bernie Sanders for president. Or, at least, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar will. I haven’t seen anything about Ayanna Pressley. This is good news, I think. I have believed that Elizabeth Warren is a prohibitive favorite for the Democratic nomination because she has inherited the socialist mantle from Sanders. Sanders is yesterday’s news (or the last »

Bye-Bye Bernie?

Featured image The stars seem to be aligning for Elizabeth Warren. First, female rival Kamala Harris proved not ready for prime time and failed to achieve lift-off. Next, Joe Biden reminded voters why his previous presidential campaigns have gone nowhere. He is perhaps the one candidate who–to be blunt–was never smart enough to be president, even when in full possession of his faculties. And now, he is neck-deep in the only real »

Bernie Sanders Unplugged

Featured image Did you know that Bernie Sanders runs a parody Twitter feed? At least I think it is a parody, but it is hard to be sure. It has a blue check mark, but you know what the say these days about fake news. Or maybe he is just trying to compete with the Troller-in-Chief down at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Check a few out: I’m waiting for the obvious follow up: »

What’s the Difference Between a Brontosaurus and Bernie Sanders?

Featured image Brontosauruses are renowned for their small brains, but let’s be fair: at least they weren’t socialists. They may have become extinct, but unlike Sanders and many of his fellow Democrats they didn’t subscribe (as far as we know) to an extinct ideology. Michael Ramirez imagines what really killed off the dinosaurs. The cartoon also features an ancient fossil. Click to enlarge: I don’t suppose socialism actually killed the dinosaurs, but »

Democrats vs. the Constitution

Featured image One of the more shocking aspects of last week’s Democratic debate was the cavalier manner in which the Constitution was treated. Beto O’Rourke said he intends to confiscate guns that were legally purchased by law-abiding Americans, and put out a t-shirt to that effect immediately after the debate. Kamala Harris said the same thing, and when Joe Biden pointed out that the government lacks power to do what she proposed, »

Reality Strikes Back

Featured image A lot of people are finding symbolic meaning in this funny video of Bernie Sanders hitting a speed bag. I understand the video to be genuine. Pro tip, Bernie: you don’t just hit a speed bag and then stand there waiting to see how it will respond: The relationship between cause and effect has always been difficult for socialists to grasp — The Daily Wire (@realDailyWire) August 27, 2019 »

Polls: Biden leads by double digits

Featured image Earlier this week, a Monmouth poll caused quite a stir by showing, in effect, a three-way tie for the lead in the Democratic presidential race among Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders. We noted, however, that Monmouth surveyed fewer than 300 people and that its results appeared to be an outlier. Five more recent polls confirm this assessment: Quinnipiac: Biden 32, Warren 19, Sanders 15 Emerson: Biden 31, Sanders »

The Contemptible Bernie Sanders [Updated]

Featured image Most or all of the Democratic presidential contenders rushed to blame President Trump for the mass shooting in El Paso. This is deeply contemptible. There were mass murders during the Obama administration too, so was Obama responsible for them? Of course not. But the most egregious Democrat is Bernie Sanders, who pontificated: I am sure that President Trump does not want anybody in this country to go around shooting other »

Bernie Sanders’s “racist” remarks about West Baltimore

Featured image Leading Democrats and their followers in the mainstream media are attacking President Trump for his comments about conditions in Rep. Elijah Cummings’s congressional district. Trump described the district as “a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess” that “ranks last in almost every major category.” Democrats are saying — what else? — that these remarks are racist. I don’t think the U.S. President should bad mouth portions of America the way »

Recycling Bernie’s Amerika

Featured image We at Power Line are not categorically opposed to recycling. So I repair to an old post from the last election cycle in 2016. Back then Bernie Sanders got a lot of buzz over this ad featuring Simon & Garfunkel’s “America,” though as a lot of people at the time remarked, it looked more like scenes from Burlington, Vermont, the morning of a Phish concert: My first thought on viewing »

Sanders Panders

Featured image Michael Ramirez used this post by Paul as the premise for today’s cartoon, which features Bernie Sanders. Click to enlarge: It will be interesting to see whether, in tonight’s debate, any of the other candidates call Sanders out for his utterly impractical giveaways, which could be financed only by fairy dust or, perhaps, modern monetary theory. Which, come to think of it, is about the same thing. Finally, let’s hope »

Socialism in five countries? Not really.

Featured image Bernie Sanders likes to cite Nordic nations as models of the kind of socialism he favors. That’s probably why he honeymooned in Sweden. Oh, wait. We have pointed out that the Nordic nations Sanders mentions — the likes of Sweden and Denmark — have turned away from socialism. Charles Lane of the Washington Post, relying on a report by JPMorgan Chase, presents the figures to support our view: Drawing on »

The Sanders manifesto

Featured image Bernie Sanders seems to me to embody the trouble with socialism. In his cranky attitude and crabby visage he gives expressive form to the spirit driving the thing. He takes the vast wealth produced by the citizens of the United States as a given. He wants at it with no apparent attention to the destructive effects of the socialist imperative. This week he purported to restate his manifesto (text here, »

Bernie’s Soviet honeymoon

Featured image The Washington Post runs a worthwhile account of Bernie Sanders’ 1988 honeymoon in the Soviet Union. The Post claims that this event is “little understood.” However, the article confirms, albeit sheepishly, what I take to be the common understanding of Bernie’s honeymoon: Sanders went because he had an affinity for the Soviet Union and left finding much to admire about it. The Post dances around what is perhaps the most »

Establishment Dems freak out over Sanders

Featured image I wrote here about how Sen. Bernie Sanders called out the Center for American Progress (CAP) for “smearing him” and a couple of other Democratic presidential contenders. Sanders cited ridicule from CAP over the fact that he’s a millionaire. CAP promptly backed down, sort of. Its president, Neera Tanden, disavowed responsibility for the attacks by publications of CAP Action and by CAP’s website ThinkProgress. She said she disagreed with their »