Bernie Sanders

Fox News Starts New Satire Site?

Featured image So I pull up Fox News to find an opinion article titled, “It’s Time for Medicare for All.” And I notice the byline of the purported author: “Sen. Bernie Sanders.” To be sure, the article that follows does sound quite a lot like the real Bernie Sanders, the Socialist Democrat from Vermont. But it’s hard to imagine the real Bernie Sanders willingly appearing at Fox News. Though it is hard »

The Unbearable Lightness of Bernie

Featured image This is the third in a series of essays by David Horowitz on the progressive mind. The first essay is Understanding the Progressive Mind, the second is Progressivism as Criminal Enterprise. Bernie Sanders is the founder of the Progressive Caucus and most popular figure in the Democrat Party. He is also the Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, and therefore a key player in determining how Washington decides to spend »

A Sanders-Manchin stalemate?

Featured image Back in 2009-10, when the Democrats controlled 59-60 Senate seats, they were pleased as punch to pass a $1 trillion stimulus package and the “camel” known as Obamacare. Sure, some Dems wished for even more stimulus money and the “horse” of single-payer health insurance. But there was no serious resistance to settling for less and few public complaints about not getting more. Twelve years later, with the Dems controllingly only »

Venezuela Downsizes the Bolivar. Don’t Tell Bernie

Featured image It has been a while since we have checked in on the socialist disaster of Venezuela. For a while it looked as though Maduro’s criminal gang might be driven from office, but the threat has passed and instead, millions of Venezuelans have simply left. Now that country’s socialist government has announced that it is devaluing its currency by (if my arithmetic is correct) one million times: Venezuela on Friday launched »

Prospective “squad” member loses in Ohio [UPDATED]

Featured image Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “squad” won’t be adding a member from Ohio this year. Last night, in a special election in Ohio’s 11th congressional district, the “establishment” Democrat, Shontel Brown, defeated far-leftist Nina Turner. The margin was around seven points (51-44) when AP called the race for Brown. Turner is a nationally-known figure. Bernie Sanders is a fan, as is Ocasio-Cortez. In fact, Turner served as Sanders’ “chief surrogate” during his presidential »

Singapore’s second wave

Featured image Yesterday was a good day for the U.S. stock market. The Dow Jones industrial average climbed by 3.4 percent and the S&P index by 3.2. The big day on Wall Street coincided with Bernie Sanders’s announcement that he is withdrawing from the presidential race. The fact that Sanders won’t be president is fabulous news for the U.S. economy. However, we have known for about a month that Sanders had no »

Sanders folds

Featured image As I write, Bernie Sanders has announced the suspension of his presidential campaign. The rise of this old-fashioned Comsymp to the ranks of the thought leaders of the Democratic Party has been most illuminating. He is a vile socialist hater of the Corbynite stripe, though (or and thus) he represents the beating heart of the party. Unlike so many of his younger colleagues, he can’t hide it. His long record »

The Sanders revolution loses some of its appeal to the young

Featured image There is evidence that young voters have started to outgrow Bernie Sanders. Allysia Finley of The Wall Street Journal presents it in this piece. It’s true that young voters still prefer Sanders to Joe Biden. But Sanders’s margins are down from 2016 and so is youth turnout in relative terms: Mr. Sanders won 74% of those under 30 in last week’s Michigan primary, according to exit polls. But that was »

The Sanders effect

Featured image It’s good to see Bernie Sanders’s “revolution” crushed, even if it’s by a sympathetic escapee from Madam Tussauds who doesn’t have his heart in it. Of course I’m talking about Joe Biden. His motto ought to be the skin is too damn tight. As it is, his motto seems to be: no enemies to the left. It is the motto that served Alexander Kerensky so poorly in connection with the »

Biden rolls on

Featured image Not long ago, the Democratic primaries scheduled for tonight looked like big deals. Few were worried about the coronavirus and it wasn’t clear whom the Democrats would nominate. Now, the Democratic primaries deserve brief mention, at the most. I will briefly mention them. There are three that haven’t been postponed — Florida, Illinois, and Arizona. In Arizona, they are still voting. In Florida, Joe Biden has won big, as expected. »

Old timers struggle to keep epidemics straight

Featured image Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders debated tonight on CNN. The opening topic was, of course, the Wuhan coronavirus. Biden began by presenting a list of ideas for dealing with the pandemic. Sanders agreed with Biden’s ideas, but insisted that we need to address underlying problems in our health care system and economy that contribute to our vulnerability. In other words, though Sanders didn’t utter them, we need socialism. Biden countered »

The good news for Joe Biden [UPDATED]

Featured image The good news for Joe Biden isn’t just that he is now almost certain to become the Democratic nominee for president. It’s also the fact that, unlike Hillary Clinton, he will become the nominee cleanly. He will defeat Bernie Sanders fair and square. Thus, Sanders and his supporters will have nothing resembling a legitimate grievance when Biden wins. The question, of course, is whether the lack of a legitimate grievance »

After last night

Featured image We have quickly settled into the new conventional wisdom to account for the sudden rise of Joe Biden from the walking dead to the top of the former heap of Democratic presidential candidates. Biden will be the Democrats’ 2020 nominee for president. What is to be said? Below I offer a few arguable — even when clichéd, they are brief! — observations. 1. The Sanders crowd still represents the throbbing »

Sanders Don’t Know Much About History

Featured image Scandinavian history, that is. Bernie Sanders calls himself a socialist and has demonstrated a lifelong devotion to Communist regimes in the USSR, Cuba and Venezuela. But now that he is running for president, he deflects accountability by claiming that by “socialist” he means countries like Sweden and Denmark–countries which are not in fact socialist and which have, in many ways, more conservative policies than we do. Bernie finally was called »

For Sanders, is it “win or go home”?

Featured image Less than two weeks ago, when South Carolina Democrats went to the polls, it was “win or go home” time for Joe Biden. Failure to win that primary would surely have been curtains for Biden’s faltering campaign. Biden won big. However, he still faced something close to “win or go home” just a few days later, on Super Tuesday. Biden needed a few more wins to stay afloat, and he »

Useful idiots, Sanders edition

Featured image The late Paul Hollander wrote Political Pilgrims: Travels of Western Intellectuals to the Soviet Union, China and Cuba when the Cold War was still raging (it was published in 1981). It remains a valuable historical study of the phenomenon of political tourism to totalitarian countries by high-minded residents of free Western societies. Hollander briefly observes in the preface that “the pilgrimages to the Soviet Union are a thing of the »

Whom should Warren endorse, if anyone?

Featured image Earlier this week, Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the presidential race. Unlike other recent dropouts — Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and Michael Bloomberg — Warren hasn’t endorsed anyone for president yet. Ideologically, Warren is more closely aligned with Bernie Sanders than with Joe Biden. However, it makes little sense for her to endorse Sanders. For one thing, Sanders looks like a loser now. A good showing in Michigan would change »