Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll is feeling THE BIG CHILL. She writes:

The Press has long been called “The Fourth Estate,” a term that comes to us from pre-revolutionary French history. (The First Estate was the King and nobility; the Second Estate was the Church; and the Third Estate was the “commoners.” Because of the power of the press, at some point it was designated as The Fourth Estate.) When the felicitous term migrated to the United States, it was originally deemed critical that The Fourth Estate be above the fray, an independent and unbiased institution. (Stop laughing…)

The institution – electronic, print and social media — has decided in the last few decades to have the kind of Estate Sale that one reads about in the papers. Sold! Lock, stock, and barrel to the far left-wing of the Democrat Party for invitations to the best DC parties, occasional sex for a leak leading to a scoop, and obscene salaries for reading aloud. For the first few years of the shredding of its Unbiased Mission Statement, an effort was made to be a little bit stealthy about it. But shortly after Donald J. Trump descended that escalator and declared himself a candidate for the Presidency, the veil dropped. National Coming Out Day for the Media was proudly declared. No more “who, what, when, where, why” with even a thin veneer of objectivity. It was “all hands on deck to screw over Orange Man Bad.”

Nothing good, nothing positive, nothing humanizing must EVER get through! Under no circumstances should DJT be “normalized.” They actually used that word. So far beyond the pale was this President, this human being, that every single thing he touched had to be attacked – his dessert, how he likes his steak, his beautiful wife, her Christmas decorations, the First Lady’s clothes, her shoes, yes, even her ACCENT, for pity’s sake, never mind that she speaks five languages and most of the newsheads are semi-literate in one. The President is not only “literally” Hitler but also a Russian agent which is a good trick. And – talk about the pudgy pot calling the kettle fat – David “Pretend Republican” Frum says that Trump is our fattest President ever. Can you even imagine that shameless, rotund little Frump calling out, say, Stacy Abrams, for her weight?

That is bad enough. But it doesn’t end there. In addition to tedious hourly ATTACKS on the President, the media giants DECIDE what is and what is not news.

This can happen by simple omission: “Let’s see – here’s a story about MS-13 illegals raping and killing a young woman (ah, that’s just a local crime story, not of general interest, bad for The Narrative…). Here’s a story about Ilhan Omar being married to her brother – oh, that’s been DEBUNKED, and bad for The Narrative. Wait, here’s a story where Trump said 40,000 people were at a rally when it was only 39,400. Let’s go with: Trump Lies Again!”

Are we done yet? No, we are not. The final step in the Estate Sale treachery is to BECOME the story.

This also takes several forms, from making a tedious and argumentative 3-minute statement at a News Conference instead of asking an actual question, to repeating an asked-and-answered question ad infinitum, to ambushing representatives from the Evil Republican Party in hallways and corridors with what they believe are going to be “Gotcha” soundbites on the evening news. Sometimes that can blow up in their arrogant, smirky little faces, and then watch the stuff hit the fan!

Manu Raju is the Senior Congressional Correspondent for an insignificant, unwatched network whose two-fold business plan consists of getting and retaining the franchise to annoy trapped airport travelers and being part of a cable package. He is very full of himself.

As you recall, during the waste of time Impeachment Follies he approached Arizona Senator Martha McSally and asked her if she supported allowing more “witnesses” than the ones the brilliant Democrat strategists had rushed half-baked to the Senate. And Senator McSally blew past him and said: “Manu, you’re a liberal hack. I’m not talking to you.”

WELL, I NEVER! It’s the end of the world as we know it! Manu’s media cronies and bosses alike demanded an apology and howled that a Senator’s ability to just blow off a hounding little pipsqueak who “identifies” as a journalist was CHILLING!

Oooooh. Chilling! Not that! Anything but that! These hacks – and Martha had that absolutely right — can call us Trump voters ANY damn thing they want. Following the lead of Barack Hussein Obama, they can claim utterly without evidence that we hate and fear “The Other.” They can repeat losing loser Hillary’s disgusting Deplorable name-calling. They can make fun of our teeth, say we smell, say we didn’t graduate from one of them there colleges, attack every value we hold dear. That’s all right and proper. High humor to those frat boys.

They are perfectly comfortable smearing every Trump voter as a fascist and a racist (even the black ones, in fact, ESPECIALLY the black ones) and exposing us to attacks in several cities by a roving band of masked arsonists and thugs who can beat people as cops are ordered to stand down. Now THAT should be chilling, even to liberals.

But call THEM “hacks” and they run to their megaphones to explain how terrifying such disrespect is. Why, it could even call down violence upon their lacquered, empty heads. Yeah, right. There has never been an attack on ANYONE by any Trump supporters that I am aware of. Some have successfully DEFENDED themselves from Antifa attacks, a few delightful enough to watch over and over on YouTube. But the only journalist that has ever been harmed was Andy Ngo, in a racist, homophobic attack by the black-shirt Antifas.

To media stars, the single-most narcissistic and entitled profession in my experience – and that includes heavy competition from judges, actors and politicians! — the cold shower of mockery is what is horrific. THAT is something up with which they cannot put.

Finally, talk about CHILLING, as an owner of, let’s just call it “several,” guns, I’d like to apologize to America for the 150 million Americans who have been killed in the last few years because of my owning these weapons. As a certified lying dog-faced pony soldier, I know I should just believe Biden – and vote for him in his race for Senate – but you’d think someone would have noticed nearly half the population gone. Remember, he’s their “moderate” hope, and for eight long years was a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Yikes!