Nuff Nur Said

I didn’t get around to viewing Norah Shapiro’s Time For Ilhan until it was made available without additional charge on Amazon Prime. The documentary covers Omar’s 2016 campaign to represent the state legislative district including the heavily Somali neighborhood known as Little Mogadishu and part of the Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota. Omar took Shapiro inside her campaign. She must have known Shapiro would give Omar the hagiographic treatment she is in fact accorded in the film.

Two aspects of the film are of special interest. After our August 12 post “Her back pages” threw her campaign into disarray, Omar expelled Shapiro and her crew out for two weeks. Omar let her back in once she had came up with a story and killed the controversy courtesy of a timely assist from then United States Attorney Andrew Luger. Shapiro notes the two-weeks’ expulsion without comment in the film.

The second aspect of the film that is of special interest is the identification of Omar’s father as Nur Said. I pointed this out to David Steinberg, who has done more than any other journalist to nail down the documentary proof of Omar’s fraudulent life. It’s time for David to attend to Time For Ilhan in his lucid Blaze column “The case against Ilhan Omar, part 1 — 2018 Ilhan Omar documentary prints her father’s name as ‘Nur Said’ — three times.”

Three times a Nur Said! Nuff said. Whether or not David’s work results in any detriment to Omar, it’s good to have the truth laid out in such a compelling fashion. David delivers this quotable quote with a Chinatown twist: “Ilhan’s father and father-in-law seemed to be ‘Nur Said.'”

David also seeks to get out the word on Twitter, where he has a substantial following. Please consider giving it a ride yourself.