Coronavirus in one state (37)

State authorities updated the COVID-19 data at 11:00 a.m. yesterday morning. They reported 13 new deaths that they attributed to the virus, bringing the total to 591. Eight of the 13 new deaths occurred among residents of long-term care facilities (not including one whose residence is given as unknown/missing), bringing the total of LTC deaths attributed to the virus to 482 and raising the share of all such deaths to 81.5 percent, by my calculation. Reminder: At last word, adding decedents with significant underlying conditions such as diabetes and obesity brings to LTC deaths brings the share to 99.24 percent.

The age demographics of the new deaths more or less followed the pattern. Of the 23 new decedents, six were in their 90’s, 9 were in their 80’s, four were in their 70’s, one was in his 60’s, and three were in their 50’s. The median age of all decedents remains 83.

Due to an editing error, I inadvertently deleted the remainder of this post as originally published on May 12. The following represents an incomplete reconstruction.

I do not think that Minnesotans understand that the deaths attributed to the virus are limited almost entirely to residents of long-term care facilities and others with significant underlying conditions. When I say “almost,” I mean in excess of 99 percent. For some reason, the authorities do not advertise this fact.

Why the lockdown?

I have posted audio of the May 11 daily briefing below. Governor Walz was otherwise occupied. We await the rollout of Minnesota Model 3.0 that will be used to support Walz’s extension of his shutdown order later this week. We are his subjects and he is our master.