Minneapolis On Fire [Updated]

Last night, rioters burned and looted a considerable part of the city of Minneapolis. The authorities mostly stood by helplessly. The Star Tribune seems to be downplaying the riot, or perhaps it just didn’t want to put its reporters in harm’s way by covering the story. As far as I know, the best information on the riot comes from my friend Kyle Hooten, who braved the danger on behalf of Alpha News. You can see the results at his Twitter feed. Here are some of his tweets. The scenes can fairly be described as post-apocalyptic:

Fifty years ago, Minneapolis was a model city. Now, after decades of liberal rule, it is anything but. Perhaps the current fiasco will provide impetus for change, but I doubt it.

UPDATE: This building was under construction. The entire building was intended to be affordable housing:

Nice going, rioters.

STEVE adds—oh, goody, this is sure to help: