The night they drove old Minnie down

Alpha News live streamed the night they drove Minneapolis down as authorities stood down and let it burn. The video below was shot overnight late Wednesday evening and early Thursday morning May 27-May 28 at around 1:30 a.m. to document the destruction of the six-story affordable housing project that was under construction at Lake Street and Hiawatha Avenue in south Minneapolis.

The destruction of the project is representative of the widespread destruction that has afflicted the Twin Cities courtesy of the terrorists, vandals, and looters who saw the opportunity afforded by the authorities and seized it. The authorities in the Twin Cities and Minnesota, to borrow the formulation of the old joke — it’s Democrats all the way down.

The Star Tribune covered the destruction of the affordable housing project last week in a good story here. The Star Tribune reported: “The developer, Twin Cities-based Wellington Management, declined to comment Thursday on the fate of the project.”

The video below has accumulated some 2.2 million views to date. Alpha News has posted the video on Facebook here. I haven’t seen the footage elsewhere and thought readers might find it of interest.