Joe Biden: “Move it up here”

Joe Biden visibly depends on the teleprompter to get through speeches, questions and answers, and interviews. The editors of the New York Post comment in “Why is Joe Biden addicted to reading his handlers’ scripts?” Biden has a half a mind to read his lines, as soon as they scroll up before him.

Biden is enough with it to look for the answer to a scripted question on a teleprompter in a virtual event with the instruction “Move it up here.” Biden can call for the answer and read the answer fed to him, but does so in the clip below in a weirdly dissociated fashion. Biden was laboring in honor of Labor Day.

RedState’s Nick Arama places the clip “in context” in “Worn Out Biden Short Circuits Yet Again, Struggles to Get Thru Interview Question During Virtual Event.”. How fake can you get? It reminds me of the old Soviet joke on their economy: “We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us.”