Disinformation, mainstream media style

Our media betters at the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC and elsewhere instantly united to dismiss the New York Post stories derived from the emails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop as Russian disinformation. They all support Joe Biden for president, of course, but their role disseminating the Russian disinformation compiled by the 2016 Clinton presidential campaign lends a certain poignance to their mind meld in this case.

Mike Emanuel advances the underlying story in the FOX News report “Documents show alleged Hunter Biden signature, FBI contacts with computer repair store owner.” Subhead: “The document allegedly signed by Biden details repair work on three laptops.” However, Emanuel carefully reserves judgment. He notes that Fox News has not verified Biden’s signature.

Nevertheless, we can only marvel at the tradecraft of the the Russians. Their work in this matter goes back to 2019! They must be unbelievably good, or something.