Hunter Biden

Pictures at an exhibition

Featured image I probably learned from reading William F. Buckley as a teenager that a farrago is a confused mixture. I learn from reading New Criterion managing editor James Panero’s Spectator column “Hunter Biden: portrait of the scam artist” that New York Times critic at large Jason Farago gave Biden’s first solo exhibition the full review treatment. The exhibition is entitled The Journey Home: A Hunter Biden Solo Exhibition. Farago reviewed it. »

Vincent Van Dough in NY

Featured image The New York Post puts Hunter Biden on its cover with the headline VINCENT VAN DOUGH: Hunter Biden’s corrupt art show opens in NYC. The companions story inside runs under the headline “Hunter Biden makes flashy NYC art scene debut at gallery show for his pricey paintings.” In its morning email summary the Post adds a headline pun: “In the Monet.” The story notes that the asking price runs up »

The case of Hunter Biden

Featured image The alliance of the Democratic Party with the mainstream media and Big Tech serves to suppress politically inconvenient news and promote fake news such as the Shamala space video. What is Hunter Biden good for? The story of Hunter Biden and his laptop can serve as a useful case study. His story certainly makes for his highest and best use (not that there is a lot of competition in that »

Hunter Biden: Pros and cons

Featured image The serious Hunter Biden scandals are all obout Joe Biden. That’s why they had to be crushed by the corporate media, Big Tech, and the Deep State in advance of the 2020 election. However, thanks to Business Insider (paywall protected) we have two new emails on which to meditate. The New York Post originally reported on the secrets buried in Hunter Biden’s laptop. The Post’s reporting was suppressed by the »

On Political Class Privilege

Featured image The concept of “white privilege” is a joke. In many contexts, being white gets you discriminated against. On the other hand, a very real privilege does attach to being the son of a senator or a president or vice-president. The political class is firmly in the driver’s seat, and it looks after its own. Hunter Biden is a case in point. He is one of many such instances, but he »

Who are the two biggest scoundrels among Democrats?

Featured image I don’t know. That covers a lot of territory. But if we limit the inquiry to very famous Democrats, the answer might be Andrew Cuomo and Hunter Biden. They have much in common. Both are sons of very famous fathers. Neither, in all likelihood, would have become prominent but for what their fathers accomplished. That’s certainly the case with Hunter Biden. Both are the subject of sex scandals, albeit of »

New meaning of transparency

Featured image We took a look at Hunter Biden’s new approach to monetizing his father’s office in “The art of the con.” Like Andrea Peyser in her July 8 New York Post column I linked to there, Miranda Devine zooms in the arrangements intended to cover the ethical issues inherent in the sale of Hunter Biden’s works of art. In her New York Post column this morning, Devine quotes this exchange with »

The art of the con

Featured image The good news is that Hunter Biden has figured out how to make up whatever income he lost when his term on the board of Burisma expired. The bad news is that his replacement gig may be even shadier. As Andrea Peyser puts in her New York Post column on Hunter’s new gig: “In October, a snazzy art gallery in New York City’s high-rent Soho district is scheduled to put »

Shhh! No One Mention Hunter!

Featured image Clay Travis asks an excellent question: The New York Times wrote a front page article on a teenage girl, a 15 year old, who lost her ability to attend the University of Tennessee for doing what Hunter Biden did. Yet the NYT isn’t covering Hunter Biden at all. How can that be remotely justified? — Clay Travis (@ClayTravis) June 9, 2021 Actually, that question is easily answered. The New »

Hunter Biden and the “N” word

Featured image You may have heard by now about Hunter Biden’s repeated use of the ultimate racial slur word for Blacks. But those who rely on CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and NPR for their news will not have heard about it. According to Aron Ravin at NRO, all of these outlets have declined thus far to mention the matter. (I haven’t read about this in the Washington Post, either, but »

The Biden family business

Featured image Joe Biden is a corrupt politician of the old-fashioned variety. He has no fixed convictions about anything. That’s why he has been on both sides of so many important issues. Biden has never been in the business of accumulating power in service of a policy agenda. He has always been in the business of accumulating power to feed his ego and enrich the Biden family. There’s nothing awful about this. »

The man with the Biden laptop

Featured image I learn from Rowan Scarborough’s excellent Washington Times story that the man who turned over Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop to the FBI has a GoFundMe page to defray legal expenses and that he has posted tell-all videos with his story. The man’s name is John Paul Mac Isaac. If he were the protagonist in a political thriller, he would be depicted as the average man whom circumstances serve up as »

Die-hard deplorables

Featured image We have yet to settle accounts with the Axis of Evil linking Democrats, mainstream media, and big tech. We have yet to settle accounts even with the perpetrators of the Russia hoax (and related hoaxes). In his current New York Post column Glenn Reynolds argues that the Deplorables remember and decline to stand down: Leaving aside charges of voter fraud and vote-rigging, there is the undisputable fact that Big Media »

Biden on ethics: It will be different this time

Featured image The Washington Post has an amusing story about the ethics rules the Biden administration may implement. According to the Post, “Biden is preparing to step back into the Oval Office with radically different expectations about how he will handle the relationship between his official power and his family’s private interests.” Different than what? Than this, for example: The last time Joe Biden worked in the White House, his son-in-law, Howard »

The Biden family business

Featured image Kimberley Strassel of the Wall Street Journal provides a summary of what Tony Bobulinski, backed up by documents, has to say about the business dealings of Joe and Hunter Biden. Bobulinski, a former Navy officer and past supporter of Democrats, was Hunter Biden’s business partner. Strassel’s entire article is well worth reading. I want to focus on the portions of it that pertain directly to Joe Biden — aka “the »

Joe Biden’s excuse for forcing Ukraine to sack its chief prosecutor is bogus

Featured image There is no dispute that, as vice president and point man on U.S. policy towards Ukraine, Joe Biden caused the Ukrainian government to sack its lead prosecutor, Viktor Shokin. Biden has bragged about doing so. There is also evidence that, before his removal, Shokin was investigating Burisma, the shady company on whose board Hunter Biden served. And there’s no dispute that Hunter Biden had no background relevant to Ukraine or »

How Hunter Biden’s crew peddled influence with his dad to the Chinese

Featured image In November 2011, an elite group of Chinese Communist Party members and cronies of the Chinese regime secured a meeting in the White House thanks to the efforts of Hunter Biden’s associates. The meeting is said to have been with Vice President Biden and other Obama administration officials. Reports of the meeting come from Peter Schweizer and Seamus Bruner. Andy McCarthy summarizes their findings here. Schweizer and Bruner were able »