Hunter Biden

Inside the laptop

Featured image New York Post columnist Miranda Devine recalls in her June 12 New York Post column: The last time Joe Biden met Donald Trump on a debate stage, he lied that his son Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation, “a Russian plant” and “a bunch of garbage.” Taking account of the evidence introduced in the Hunter Biden gun case, Devine itemizes the ways in which Biden’s laptop has been authenticated. Not a »

They stand by their operation

Featured image Fox News has contacted all the members of the Deep State 51 — the former senior intelligence officials who disparaged the New York Post’s 2020 reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop as bearing “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.” So they said in an open letter or public statement that Natasha Bertrand duly read out for Politico (Bertrand has now moved on to CNN). Natasha, you should have »

What I Told Phoenix

Featured image Last night I was on Seth Leibsohn’s excellent Phoenix radio show for a full three segments. That gave us time to cover a number of subjects: my forecast for the 2024 presidential race; the trumped-up prosecutions of Trump; how financial incentives account for support for liberalism; why the Democrats are so devoted to illegal immigration; do Democrats hate America?; will the criminals who firebombed my organization’s office be caught?; how »

The Biden defense

Featured image Hunter Biden had essentially no defense to the felony gun charges of which we was convicted today. To the extent he had one, it was represented by the presence of Jill Biden sitting in court behind him. Hunter had only the Biden defense: I am Biden. Hear me roar. Don’t screw with me. It has proved a strong and malleable defense, but it came up short today. Given the brevity »

What’s too painful to remember

Featured image Students of ancient history may recall the disinformation that greeted the revelations of Hunter Biden’s laptop in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election. The New York Post confirmed and reported them, yet they were routinely dismissed on patently fraudulent grounds. The government has now introduced the laptop as evidence in Hunter Biden’s gun trial and the FBI has vouched for its authenticity. What is to be said? KanekoaTheGreat comments »

Garbage all the way down

Featured image We closely covered the New York Post stories on Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election. Anyone who took a close look at the story could see a self-authenticating element in it and, indeed, every piece of additional reporting that followed up on the Post’s reporting corroborated it. With a little help from the Deep State 51, the laptop was dismissed as Russian disinformation, »

Criminal evidence

Featured image Hunter Biden’s laptop presents as a case study of the cooperation among the mainstream media — I would give pride of place to Natasha Bertrand and Politico, but they had a lot of company — the Democratic Party, and the deep state in the service of Our Democracy™, or Their Democracy. This week the Biden Department of Justice vouched for the authenticity of the laptop in its prosecution of Chairman »

Judge Noreika: Dad not picking on Hunter

Featured image Abbe Lowell is the attorney for Hunter Biden in the criminal proceedings that have been brought against him. I’ve observed a time or two before that Lowell will say approximately anything on Biden’s behalf in return for his compensation in the cases. Judge Maryellen Noreika asked the question that crushed the sweetheart plea deal arranged for Hunter. She says as much about Lowell as I do above in denying his »

In the Hunter Biden case

Featured image Hunter Biden moved to dismiss the criminal tax charges pending against Hunter Biden in federal court (the Central District of California). Indeed, Biden attorney Abbe Lowell filed eight motions to dismiss the charges. Judge Mark Scarsi — a Trump appointee — denied the motions in an order that is accessible online here. Judge Scarsi writes at page 33: As the Court stated at the hearing, Defendant filed his motion without »

Living with contradiction

Featured image New York Post columnist Miranda Devine literally wrote the book on The Laptop From Hell. Subtitle: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide. Whenever she updates the continuing saga of Hunter Biden, attention must be paid. Today the reader’s attention is rewarded with low comedy: Hunter has been making all of his 16 lawyers in cases across the country go through this charade of »

Hunt’s stunt

Featured image Hunter Biden showed up in the audience at the House Oversight Committee hearing on his ostentatious defiance of the committee’s subpoena. He faces a committee resolution that would hold him in contempt of Congress. However, he rests secure in the knowledge that he enjoys the protection of the Biden Department of Justice. Otherwise he might be in trouble, like Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro in days of old. Sitting in »

Folies Bergès

Featured image The House Oversight Committee interviewed Hunter Biden’s art dealer yesterday behind closed doors. His name is Georges Bergès. Committee chairman James Comer has posted a statement (followed by key takeaways). It seems that not all was as it was cracked up to be, so to speak, by the Biden White House. Indeed, it seems that nothing was as it was cracked up to be by the Biden White House. This »

Hunter Biden: The movie

Featured image When the Rathergate movie Truth was released in 2015 — with Robert Redford playing Dan Rather and Cate Blanchett playing Mary Mapes as the heroes of the story — I turned to Edward Jay Epstein for advice. Ed has devoted three books to the assassination of JFK. I asked him how he had dealt with the likes of Oliver Stone and his film JFK, in which New Orleans district attorney »

Hunter Says No

Featured image The House Oversight and Judiciary Committees subpoenaed Hunter Biden to give deposition testimony at 9:30 this morning. Instead of responding to the subpoena, Hunter gave a press conference in Washington at which he claimed to be ready to proceed, instead, with a public committee hearing. Of course there was no such hearing in progress before which he could have testified. Hunter went on offense, repeatedly attacking “MAGA Republicans” who are »

“And the truth shall make you mad”

Featured image Professor Jonathan Turley opens his current column in The Hill with a quote from Aldous Huxley: “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad.” Chronicling the profusion of lies about which we have commented many times previously, as I did here on Friday, Professor Jonathan Turley observes: [T]he evidence has only mounted against President Biden. It is now clear that Biden lied when he maintained as »

Hunter Biden indicted on tax charges

Featured image A Central District of California federal grand jury has handed up a nine-count indictment of Hunter Biden on tax charges. Three of the charged crimes are felonies. The rest are misdemeanors. The detailed 56-page indictment is posted online here and embedded in Victor Nava’s New York Post story here. The gist of the case is set forth in paragraph 4 of the indictment: “The Defendant engaged in a four-year scheme »

Biden family biz update

Featured image The New York Post story on the latest findings in the House investigation of the Biden family business appears to contradict a number of themes that President Biden has hammered in his shifting defenses: For nearly a decade, Joe Biden used multiple email aliases to send hundreds of messages to his son Hunter’s former business partner, a Republican-led House committee leading the impeachment inquiry into the president revealed Tuesday. The »