Fear & loathing in the Biden crime family

With the all the media suppression and apologetics about the saga of Hunter Biden et al., Howie Carr is on hand to deliver the strong stuff straight in the Boston Herald column “Fear and loathing in the Biden crime family.” It only hurts when I laugh, but Howie had me laughing with this:

The usual alt-left suspects — the AP, NBC “News,” Rep. Adam Schiff — went through the tired motions of trying to blame it all on, who else, the Russians. But seriously, how many times can these hacks cry wolf, even to Wolf Blitzer?”

Hey, don’t forget David Corn.

Howie adds: “Dementia Joe’s keepers have always understood that Hunter was capable of getting Pop into this kind of a jam.” Much more here.

And Twitter seems to have made itself an honorary member of the family (tweet below).