Crime In My Old Neighborhood [Updated]

The city of Minneapolis has become a lawless place, and the crime wave now extends to the city’s more prosperous neighborhoods. I lived in Tangletown, a part of South Minneapolis where the streets are a spaghetti-like maze, for some years. Yesterday morning a carjacking was photographed in progress in my old neighborhood:

The two “youths” seen committing the crime were driving a perfectly nice car, the red one on the left. They apparently cut off a driver and forced him or her to stop. They then jumped out of their vehicle and in the photo, taken from across the street (likely a still from a Ring video or something of the sort) one of them is pointing a gun at the driver. A few moments later the two “youths” drove away in the two vehicles.

Fortunately, I sold my house in Tangletown some years ago and moved to the suburbs. One can only imagine what the current crime wave is doing to Minneapolis property values. Also, note the Biden sign in the yard. Minneapolis, like Portland and Seattle, is a liberal place. The people who are now crime victims voted heavily for Joe Biden and Ilhan Omar, as well as the city’s inept mayor and city council. They are contributing to their own demise, and so far, there is little evidence that they are rethinking their politics as their city collapses around them.

UPDATE: As their city circles the drain due to rising crime, Minneapolis City Council members have the perfect solution: cut the police force. You can’t make this stuff up:

At what point do you conclude that these people deserve what they are getting?