Coronavirus in one state (139)

We have passed the peak of the current wave of the epidemic in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. The surge was regional in nature and has receded regionally regardless of the varying approaches taken by the authorities in these states. That’s the way it appears to me (tweet below).

One would never have a clue that this might be the case from the regular Minnesota Department of Health briefings. I have posted the audio of yesterday’s briefing below. Kevin Roche observes in our email correspondence this morning: “The press lets [Walz et al.] act like the [current shutdown] orders had anything to do with the change in cases. All you have to do is look at the curve.”

All the numbers have moved in the right direction. There is no evidence of a Thanksgiving surge. Yet Governor Walz continues to insist on micromanaging our lives. While the current shutdown regime expires Friday, the subjects of Governor Walz have looked longingly to him for a restoration of responsibility for the management of our own lives.

It is not to be. Per Blois Olson’s Morning Take email update, Walz will announce at a 1:15 p.m. press conference this afternoon:

• Indoor drinking and dining will remain closed at least through January 11. Restaurants may resume outdoor dining limited to 50 percent of capacity, or 100 customers.

• Fitness studios and gyms will be allowed to reopen at a quarter of their capacity subject to a 100 person limit. Patrons must wear masks and maintain 12 feet of social distancing. Fitness classes can resume January 4.

• Family gatherings will be allowed with one other household, up to 10 people, and up to two other households outside.

• Outdoor entertainment venues can open subject to a 25 percent capacity limit with a 100 person maximum.

• Youth sports teams can resume practices on January 4.

Walz’s spokesman lets on that Walz will “prioritize[] in-person learning for elementary students[.]” It has taken a back seat so far, to the detriment of al the minority communities to which he professes devotion in the current politically correct terms.

A new executive order will of course fill in the details and lay down the law. Whatever the details, Walz continues to exercise minute control of the “dials” of our lives (as he calls them) and the press continues its utterly servile performance.