Hannah-Jones to UNC. . .

No thanks Go to hell.

Nikole Hannah-Jones, author of the New York Times’ discredited 1619 Project, has turned down the University of North Carolina’s controversial offer of tenure. She will take her talents BS to Howard University.

Hannah-Jones comes out the winner if one assumes, as I do, that she doesn’t mind teaching (or whatever she will do) at a fourth rate institution. She won the tenure battle and then told the university what it could do with its offer.

UNC, the university not its students, is the clear loser. It has been humiliated, having gone through a wrenching, divisive battle only to be snubbed in the end by Hannah-Jones.

The leftist faculty will blame UNC’s initial balking at a tenure grant for the loss of one of its heroes. Many alums will remain outraged by the fact that the university ended up offering tenure to a leftist hack.

For Walter Hussman Jr., the major donor after whom UNC’s journalism school is named, I suppose this outcome generates mixed feelings. The university he loves has taken a blow. He’s been vilified and the vilification is far from over. And the university went against his wishes.

On the other hand, it was his opposition to granting Hannah-Jones tenure that caused her not to become a faculty member. In explaining her decision, she said “I cannot imagine working at and advancing a school named for a man who lobbied against me. . . .”

Now, Mr. Hussman won’t have to imagine the journalism school he funds providing a platform and its prestige to a race-mongering charlatan. Surely, there’s some solace in that.