Biden yanks our supply chain

On Saturday President Biden held a press conference to celebrate the passage of his alleged infrastructure bill. I have posted the video below. The White House has posted the transcript here.

Biden’s comments creatively combine stupidity with insanity. He asserted that the bill will fix extreme climate events and other ills. I think it will aggravate the present discontents. We shall see.

You can feel the excitement:

We’re going to build out the first-ever national network of charging stations all across the country — over 500,000 of them — so that you can make real au- – and, you know, auto companies made a commitment they were going to make 50 percent of vehicles electric by 2030.

So, you’ll be able to go across the whole darn country, from East Coast to West Coast, just like you’d stop at a gas station now. These charging stations will be available.

Are those charging stations going to be powered by wind and solar? We can only hope.

“And for all of you at home who feel left behind and forgotten in an economy that’s changing so rapidly, this bill is for you.” It’s for me? I don’t think so.

They’ve got more in store, as he also makes clear (I can’t say it — initials BBB). “[The] bill is fiscally responsible. That’s a fancy way of saying it’s fully paid for.” It’s free, as you may recall.

Even better, as to that BBB thing:

[I]t actually reduces the deficit, according to leading economists in this country, over the long-term. And it’s paid for by making sure that the wealthiest Americans, the biggest corporations begin to pay their fair share.

Again, you’ve heard me say it a hundred times: Why should 40 — 55 corporations who made over $40 billion in the last couple years — why should they pay zero in taxes? I said I’m a capitalist, I’m not a socialist. But the bottom line is everybody should pay their fair share. Zero in taxes? Come on.

And so — and keep my campaign commitment: It does not raise a single penny in tax for anyone making less than $400,000 a year. Say it again: Folks, no matter what they tell you, you’re going to find out this will not affect your taxes one little bit in having to pay a penny more if you make less than $400,000 a year.

Independent experts have concluded that these bills are the highest value investments that we can make to grow the economy.

It’s going to create millions of jobs, increase productivity and wages, and reduce cost, and generate significant and historic economic growth.

Again, the press is here — the poor people who have to follow me all the time, they’ve heard me say this a lot: We got, out of the blue, a couple week ago, a letter from 17 Nobel Prize winners in economics. And they determined that it will ease inflationary pressures — not create them, ease them — ease those pressures.

He went on and it got worse. The repetition and the falsehoods and the demagogy remind me of the heyday of the Obama era. However, Obama had one thing going for him that Biden doesn’t have. He had Biden by his side. (Just kidding.)

Biden “spent” 17 minutes or so on questions and answers. He went on and on in a way that is at least somewhat revealing. As I noted over the weekend, Biden backtracked on settlement payments to allegedly traumatized illegal aliens. Here he spoke with weird vehemence: “If in fact, because of the outrageous behavior of the last administration, you were coming across the border, whether it was legal or illegal, and you lost your child — you lost your child — it’s gone — you deserve some kind of compensation, no matter what the circumstance.”

It’s gone? (Just asking.)

Quotable quote: “What — like, for example, if I had — if we were all going out and having lunch together and I said, ‘Let’s ask whoever the — whoever is at the next table, no matter how — what restaurant we’re in — have them explain the supply chain to us.’ You think they’d understand what we’re talking about?”