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The O’Keefe Project: Mysterious disappearance

Featured image Reporting on the FBI raids on James O’Keefe and former associates in the matter of Ashley Biden’s diary, the Times seems to have a pipeline to the FBI and national security establishment. Thus the November 11 story by Adam Goldman and Mark Mazzetti quoting otherwise privileged legal memos prepared for Project Veritas in connection with its work. Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple suggests that a disgruntled Project Veritas employee »

The O’Keefe Project: What’s going on?

Featured image I am in search of a deeper understanding of the facts underlying the FBI raids on James O’Keefe’s and former Project Veritas associates in the matter of Ashley Biden’s diary. Pending before the court that issued the search warrants authorizing the raids is the motion of Project Veritas for the appointment of a Special Master to review the contents of O’Keefe’s cell phones and protect against the disclosure of otherwise »

The O’Keefe Project: Notes toward an update

Featured image The story of the FBI raid on James O’Keefe and others associated with Project Veritas in the matter of Ashley Biden’s diary should be big news. The New York Times has devoted four stories to it, but the Times has a bone to pick with O’Keefe. The Times stories throb with hostility to Project Veritas and thrill to his humiliation. I have put in a request for an interview with »

The O’Keefe Project: Erik Wemple edition

Featured image Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple has a good column on the FBI raid on James O’Keefe and the seizure of his cell phones in the matter of Ashley Biden’s diary. Wemple’s column is “Did the Justice Department overreach in raiding James O’Keefe’s home?” Wemple’s column provides a careful account of the facts as we have been given to understand them so far (links omitted): Before the 2020 election, a »

The O’Keefe Project: The search warrant

Featured image The search warrant under which the FBI raided James O’Keefe and seized his cell phones is in circulation. FOX News has a copy. A FOX News producer gave a copy to the New York Times and asked whether the FBI had tipped the Times to the raids on O’Keefe and other Project Veritas associates. The Times didn’t say in its story reporting the question from FOX News, but I believe »

The O’Keefe Project: Josh Gerstein reports

Featured image The New York Times has run four stories on the FBI raids predicated on the alleged theft of Ashley Biden’s diary. The FBI has executed two raids on James O’Keefe and others associated with Project Veritas in the case. O’Keefe says Project Veritas was never able to authenticate the diary and that it had nothing to do with its theft, if that is what it was. We can infer that »

The O’Keefe Project: An update

Featured image The New York Times has now published its fourth story on the investigation of James O’Keefe and Project Vertitas in connection with their possession of the diary of Ashley Biden. The otherwise questionable authenticity of the diary can be inferred from the involvement of the FBI. It has somehow become a federal case in the Age of Biden. Today’s story is “Project Veritas Tells Judge It Was Assured Biden Diary »

The Biden DOJ’s lawless “environmental justice” investigation of Alabama

Featured image The Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division has announced that it opened an “environmental justice” investigation into the Alabama Department of Public Health and the Lowndes County Health Department. The DOJ’s press release states that the Civil Rights Division will examine whether the Alabama Department of Public Health and the Lowndes County Health Department operate their onsite wastewater disposal program and infectious diseases and outbreaks program in a manner that discriminates »

James O’Keefe speaks

Featured image James O’Keefe appeared for a segment with this attorney on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show last night. I have posted the video immediately below. We have wondered what possible federal crimes might have given rise to the search warrant on which the FBI’s abuse of O’Keefe was justified. O’Keefe’s attorney actually cites the crimes specified in the search warrant, but Hannity quickly moves on. I don’t watch enough televison news »

Biden yanks our supply chain

Featured image On Saturday President Biden held a press conference to celebrate the passage of his alleged infrastructure bill. I have posted the video below. The White House has posted the transcript here. Biden’s comments creatively combine stupidity with insanity. He asserted that the bill will fix extreme climate events and other ills. I think it will aggravate the present discontents. We shall see. You can feel the excitement: We’re going to »

It depends on the meaning of “garbage”

Featured image White House deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre conducted the press conference in the absence of the psychedelic Jen Psaki yesterday. In the Psaki pspirit, Peter Doocy “circled back” to the question he raised with Biden about settlement negotiations between the Biden Department of Justice and the ACLU. According to the Wall Street Journal, the negotiations were “circling in” on payments of $450,000 to illegal aliens allegedly traumatized by the unfriendly »

The ACLU responds

Featured image President Biden’s minders in the White House daycare operation sent him out to read a statement yesterday about Covid-19 vaccinations for children ages 5-11. He even took a few questions following his remarks. The White House has posted the text here (video below). Biden’s remarks were jarring and dissonant with the news of the day. The Biden administration proceeds as though nothing happened on Tuesday (false) and they have therefore »

Garland’s memo, interpreted most charitably to him, sought to intimidate parents

Featured image Throughout his testimony yesterday, Attorney General Garland insisted that his memo regarding the federal investigation and prosecution of parents protesting local school board decisions applies only to violence and the threat of violence. Yet, the very first line of his memo speaks not just of violence and its threat, but also of “intimidation” and “harassment.” Garland tried to reconcile the language of his memo with his testimony. I understood him »

Fairfax mom says Feds came to local school board meeting

Featured image When Attorney General Merrick Garland testified before the House Judiciary Committee last week, he told Rep. Jim Jordan that FBI agents will not be attending school board meetings. However, an activist mother in Fairfax, Virginia says the feds did show up at a school board meeting last Thursday, the same day Garland made his statement to Jordan. The mom says a Department of Homeland Security vehicle was present in the »

Enemies of the State

Featured image We have written about the National School Boards Association’s letter to Joe Biden asking for federal help against an alleged epidemic of violence against school boards, and about Attorney General Merrick Garland’s response to that request, a memo to the FBI dated just five days after the NSBA’s letter to Biden. When Garland’s masters say “jump,” he jumps. Glenn Reynolds weighs in at the New York Post: American parents are »

Biden’s “bounce back” on hold as Americans realize he’s a fraud

Featured image FiveThirtyEight notices that Joe Biden’s approval number isn’t “bouncing back” after the Afghanistan fiasco. Its pundits had suggested that the number might well bounce back as news of that debacle faded. But, they acknowledge, “we’re now more than a month removed from Biden’s difficult August, and there have been no signs of a rebound in his approval rating.” Why? The FiveThirtyEight crew now says “the decline in Biden’s approval rating »

Joe Biden’s idea of healing America

Featured image The Biden administration pretends to perceive a threat of “domestic terrorism” when angry parents show up at school board meetings to demand answers as to why their young children have to wear masks all day and be taught that America is racist. Meanwhile, angry mobs who actually terrorize conservative politicians and harass a center-left one are subjects of benign neglect from Team Biden. Rand Paul’s wife has had enough of »