Extra: Thoughts from the ammo line

In this extra edition Ammo Grrrll is thinking about FUNDRAISING SCAMS:

Back when I used to do standup comedy for a living, I would sometimes end my routine by turning serious and asking people to “contribute to the Susan Vass Wildlife Fund.” I would point out that there would be collection buckets in the back as they left and then say, “Remember, if you don’t give, I can’t lead a wild life.” It usually got a nice laugh because it was a joke and not a scam or grotesque form of extortion like BLM.

Speaking of which, think of the brilliant scam that was Black Lives Matter! Who could disagree with such a sentiment? Sadly, the leaders and followers of the “movement” had no trouble at all disagreeing that “All Lives Matter.” In fact, that saying was called racist on its face and cowards like Hillary Clinton would not endorse the sentiment. She was far from alone.

QUICK: Name one way in which the BILLIONS – because it was billions – shoveled to BLM made black lives any better, except for the relative handful who became multi-millionaires and bought California real estate with it. You can’t, can you? And yet almost every entity in America, corporate and non-profit, ponied up thousands and millions of dollars.

In Arizona, the theater company that we had supported and attended every January (with six guests) as a birthday present to my husband threw our ticket money into the BLM pot. But the Botanical Garden was truly the last straw. I have never returned to either, though both were favorites of ours. We took every single visitor to Arizona to The Botanical Garden. Not if they’re going to give my hefty entrance fees to lying thieving commie racists.

Anybody with even half a brain could see it for the scam that it was – with no oversight, no limits, no budget or even pretend goals except baldly stated Marxist political ones, like smashing the family. God forbid there would ever be a rayciss audit of where in the world all that money went. Everybody knew it would just be pouring a river of money down a sewer. But it assuaged the guilt of countless corporate cowards, white liberals and leftists. And a whole bunch of easily bullied pushovers went along.

You’d think maybe BLM came up with ONE Free Breakfast Program, like the Black Panthers, or one After-School Tutoring Program that could get black kids up to speed in even one school. But none to my knowledge exists. All the money was either frittered away on “expenses” or just stolen outright like a plague of looting locusts in a Gucci store.

I remember writing a modest check – once — to my local Firefighters’ Association in Minnesota and later reading an expose back when Investigative Journalism was a thing, that that was one of many organizations that had “administrative costs” of something like 83 percent with 17 percent going to the Firefighters. Heck, I even remember a “small town legend” when I was a kid (as opposed to an “urban legend”) that somebody had raised money for the widow of the Unknown Soldier!

Millions of dollars were stolen after 9/11 as nefarious actors made up charities to pimp off that heinous attack. Americans were in a generous and patriotic mood and I’m sure some of the money was misdirected.

But now we have a topper. On October 7, one of the most grotesque crimes in the history of civilization occurred when a couple thousand Hamas “soldiers” and a few looky-loo “civilian” spree killers hoping to get a turn at the murder and rape killed 1400 babies, children, dancing peaceniks and whole families. They wounded 5400 Israelis and even murdered foreign workers. We all know the nature of the atrocities and it’s possible you’re in a good mood, so we will not remind you.

And what was the response at the highest level of the Executive Branch? Oh not the empty husk who was at the time and frequently is at his lavish beach home waiting to be told that for well over 15 minutes he should “stand with Israel” until the first Israeli military success and then he would shriek for a ceasefire and send a minion to warn the Israelis to quit winning.

No, I mean the Vice President, a light beige ninny who worked her way up from sidepiece to a married politician to the second highest office in the land for NO OTHER REASON than that she was a woman – whatever that is – and some sort of color other than fish belly white.

She is going to help out by keeping a sharp eye out for anti-Semitism here at home…no wait, that’s not right. There IS no anti-Semitism here at home, because Jews are just “white-adjacent” and therefore deserving of no special protection. Those Jewish kids trapped in the Cooper Union library by shrieking Hamas supporters were enjoying that experience. An elderly Jewish man waving an Israeli flag just fell dead for no reason. It’s not the pro-Hamas murderer’s fault that his skull was not tough enough to absorb a blow from a bullhorn and the pavement.

So forget anti-Semitism. Fresh from Kamala’s many successes as the Wide Open Border Czarina and her bizarre obsession with yellow school buses and Venn diagrams, she’s going to be pulled off “AI duty” and tasked with keeping her eyes peeled for “Islamophobia” wherever it raises its perfectly rational head. “Fear” of “Islam”? Who in his right mind would NOT be inclined to fear fanatical psychopaths?

Oh, but the disgrace is not complete yet. Her idiot stepdaughter, Ella Emhoff, is a self-declared non-Jew. And I, for one, am thrilled she is not a Member of the Tribe. She is also surely the least attractive “model” the world has ever seen. Scrawny, ungraceful, not pretty even in a “quirky” way, try as she might to seem exotic by always displaying her unshaved armpits. (Lord, honey, that was so “done to death” in the ’60s and ’70s, get over yourself.)

And the gangly Ms. Emhoff is the bag lady collecting the money – some $8 Million so far – for the “Children of Gaza.” This is in a fine tradition for the spawn of Vice Presidents.

How well I remember that during World War II Margaret Truman, only child of Vice President Harry S Truman, was busy helping raise funds for the “Tot-sies of the Nazis.” Haha. I kid Margaret, who by the way was a tremendously accomplished person – a classical soprano, a journalist, a writer of several murder mysteries, and a radio and television personality. She got no special privileges as the daughter of a Vice President when her singing voice was reviewed badly by the usual braindead critic. My favorite Harry Truman story is that he publicly threatened to clean the guy’s clock if he ever came across him!

But back to the “Guilty Gelt for Gazans Gimmick,” raise your hand if you think that little Ella Emhoff is doing this for free? She may be, but recall that that Chelsea Clinton got a “salary” of over $600,000 a year to pretend to be doing something for the Clinton Influence Peddling Charity. And then raise your hand again if you believe that the “children of Gaza” have a separate bank account from the terrorists of Gaza.

Who is confident that not a penny of money earmarked for “children” will ever find its way into weaponry for the terrorists? Remember what Hamas did with at least two BILLION dollars sent their way in “humanitarian” aid? Schools, mosques, hospitals, right? Close, but no cigar. Three hundred miles of tunnels UNDER those schools, mosques and hospitals filled with all the latest and greatest weapons of war and ammo. And just for good measure, they hoarded over 200,000 gallons of fuel for themselves in the tunnels, leaving the populace without fuel or a single bomb shelter. Ah, what a government! Gazans voted Hamas into office once upon a time back in 2006.

Hey, I’m pretty sure that Russian children are suffering too, and have been for a much longer time. That’s what happens when the dictator in your parents’ land decides to attack another country. Where is the outrage for the Russian children, little Ella?

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