2020 Election

A Sad Day

Featured image I woke up not expecting a good day, but it turned out to be much worse. First we lost both Georgia Senate races, putting us at the mercy of the Democrats (or, more specifically, Joe Manchin) for the next two years. For an interesting analysis of why those races went South–and specifically, why fraud wasn’t the main problem–see this piece by Liam Bissainthe at Liberty Unyielding. Then, of course, we »

Whipsawed in Georgia

Featured image There will be plenty of commentary about what looks to be the Democrats’ sweep of the Georgia runoff elections. Scott has already provided an insightful take. However, I think the most concise analysis came a week before the election from my Georgia source, a well-placed Republican in that state. He told me: In a 50/50 state where some percentage of Republicans are refusing to vote because they think their vote »

After last night

Featured image As I write at 6:00 a.m. (Central) this morning, Raphael Warnock’s race against Kelly Loeffler has been called for Warnock. While Jon Ossoff’s race against David Perdue has yet to be called, Ossoff leads and his lead is likely to widen when the remaining votes are counted. Democrats will thus take control of the Senate on a 50-50 split with Kamala Harris presiding as Vice President. Here are a few »

The Georgia runoffs [Updated]

Featured image At the moment, both Republican Senators are slightly ahead in the Georgia runoffs. However, most of the uncounted vote appears to be from heavily Democratic counties. Kelly Loeffler’s lead over Raphael Warnock is slight enough (about 40,000 votes) that Warnock looks like a good bet to win. David Perdue’s lead over Jon Ossoff is larger (about 65,000 votes), so maybe he will hang on. I wouldn’t bet on it, though. »

The Gridlock Election

Featured image “Respectable opinion” holds that gridlock in Washington is a terrible thing, because it means Washington “can’t get anything done.” To the contrary, gridlock is the next best thing to having constitutional government! Put a little more seriously, gridlock has replaced the separation of powers as a chief constraint on the impetuosity of central government, and it is precisely the separation of powers embedded in the logic of the Constitution that »

Another depressing report from Georgia

Featured image Yesterday, I posted a report by a well-placed Republican source about the run-off elections in Georgia, his home state. I followed up with my source by asking two questions. First, are the attacks on Raphael Warnock’s leftism and the scandalous way he ran a camp resonating? Second, is the controversy over the stimulus bill a factor in the race? My source graciously answered both questions and provided a summation of »

Depressing news from Georgia

Featured image Last week, I reported on polls by Trafalgar that had Sens. Perdue and Loeffler leading in their Georgia Senate races. But this week, Trafalgar shows both Republicans to be trailing — Loeffler by about a point and Perdue by about 2 (3 if you include “leaners”). I asked my Georgia source, a well-placed state Republican who correctly predicted the Georgia outcomes in November, for his view from the ground. I »

From the mixed-up files of Rev. Raphael Warnock

Featured image With control of the United States Senate in issue, the mainstream media have left it to the Washington Free Beacon and Free Beacon reporter Alana Goodman to explore the background of Democratic Senate candidate Raphael Warnock. Goodman’s latest report on Warnock recounts the testimony of former camper Anthony Washington at the church camp overseen by Warnock. Washington testifies to the counselors who tossed urine on him and locked him outside »

Warnock’s gospel of hate

Featured image The most important elections of 2021 take place on January 5 in Georgia. Control of the Senate hinges on the outcome of the Georgia Senate runoff elections pitting Democrat Raphael Warnock against incumbent Repubilcan Kelly Loeffler and Democrat Jon Ossoff against incumbent Republican David Perdue. Ossoff is a glorified nullity whom we have mostly ignored this time around. We have attended to Warnock. Warnock is something else again. I nevertheless »

Report: Democrats feel gloomy over election

Featured image The Washington Post reports that “Democrats see grim prospects in final election results despite Biden’s win.” The main reason for Democrats’ pessimism is Joe Biden’s poor performance in precincts the Democrats think they should carry easily. The Post’s Michael Scherer writes: Voters in the once Democratic Ohio county that surrounds the shuttered Lordstown General Motors plant delivered a decisive victory last month to the sitting president who had promised and »

Georgia, again

Featured image Within a few days after the November election, it became clear that control of the U.S. Senate would hinge on the outcome of the two Georgia runoff races. But with that election two months away, I decided not to obsess over it, for two reasons. First, I had spent several months obsessing over the November election and thought I could use a break. Second, I was fairly confident that at »

Die-hard deplorables

Featured image We have yet to settle accounts with the Axis of Evil linking Democrats, mainstream media, and big tech. We have yet to settle accounts even with the perpetrators of the Russia hoax (and related hoaxes). In his current New York Post column Glenn Reynolds argues that the Deplorables remember and decline to stand down: Leaving aside charges of voter fraud and vote-rigging, there is the undisputable fact that Big Media »

Dept. of That’s Easy For You To Say

Featured image Last week Joe Biden introduced his nominee for Secretary of HHS as “Xavier Bakaria.” I noted that howler here. Yesterday Biden emerged from his basement to campaign for the Democratic candidates in the January 5 Georgia Senate runoffs. Holding another one of the drive-in rallies that served him so well in the 19th-century style presidential campaign he ran, Biden urged those in attendance to “Honk for your next United States »

Confessions of a limp noodle

Featured image We have received a small stream of emails from readers and noted a few comments calling us out for not “standing with” President Trump and disparaging our manhood as well — this because we have not decried the “rigged” election that robbed President Trump of reelection. One professed long-time reader sent us a message announcing that he has “resigned” from the site. I particularly appreciate the imputation of cowardice to »

FNC sheds viewers

Featured image Fox News has hemorrhaged daytime viewers since election night. Stories by Axios and the AP go into some details, reporting a surge in viewers to CNN since the election. The AP story relates that Fox daytime viewership is down 10 percent compared to a year ago. In prime time, however, Fox News still dominates. According to Axios, Fox said it had its highest-rated November ever. What happened? I wrote about »

Loeffler versus Warnock

Featured image If you read mainstream media accounts of last night’s the debate between Kelly Loeffler and Raphael Warnock, such as this one from the AP, you will get the impression that Loeffler flunked the catechism test. The catechism in issue recites the victory of Joe Biden over President Trump in the election. Loeffler declined to recite it and stood her ground. It is harder to ferret out from the media reports »

Garcia wins in California-25

Featured image Yesterday, I wrote an update on two of the three House races I discussed on Sunday — Iowa-2 and New York-22. Today, there is definitive news about the third of these races. In California-25, Republican Mike Garcia is the winner. Democrat Christy Smith has conceded. This seat traditionally has been held by Republicans. Katie Hill won it for the Democrats in the Democratic wave of 2018, but resigned due to »