Cotton on Gitmo, take 2

Senator Tom Cotton is not impressed by the argument that our detention facility at Gitmo is a recruiting tool for terrorists. Indeed, he thinks the argument is a pretext for the pursuit of Obama’s world-turned-upside-down views (as it obviously is). Senator Cotton made his point in dramatic fashion in the Senate Armed Services Committee last week as he interrogated Principal Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Brian McKeon about Guantanamo Bay policy. We posted the video here, in which Senator Cotton expressed his desire to let the hardened terrorists we have on hand “rot in hell” or, in the alternative, “rot in Guantanamo Bay.”

Gitmo is quite a few steps up from hell, but his point is well taken. In Gitmo these hardened terrorist killers would even have their uses to the extent that they are subjected to interrogation.

One David Nevin is the civilian attorney for Gitmo detainee and 9/11 mastermind KSM. Nevin did not take kindly to Senator Cotton’s words. Nevin disapproved; he called Senator Cotton’s words “utterly shameful” and declared them poorly advised. Why, according to Nevin, terrorists hearing those words might mistreat captured American soldiers! They might not accord them the treatment to which they are entitled as prisoners of war!

Megyn Kelly invited Senator Cotton to appear on FNC’s Kelly File show last night to respond (video below, six minutes).

Nevin channels the deep thoughts of President Obama. The contrast with Senator Cotton is striking. Senator Cotton is a serious man. He speaks from experience of the battle. His words make sense and are meant to be taken seriously. The attorney and President Obama take themselves seriously while mouthing platitudinous nonsense.


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