“Concerned” Dems aren’t concerned about past sexual assaults by Dems

It’s amusing, in a sickening sort of way, to hear Senate Democrats say it’s unacceptable to have on the Supreme Court someone “credibly” accused of assaulting a woman 36 years ago, when he was in high school. Who among these “outraged” Senators has complained about serving with Democratic colleagues credibly accused of, and in at least two cases admitting to, assaulting women?

Sen. Sherrod Brown’s ex-wife claimed that Brown threw her up against a wall and showed “physical violence and abusive nature.” This allegation is contained in court documents. According to this source, Larke Brown told the court, “I am also intimidated by the Defendant and am in fear for the safety and well-being of myself and our children due to the Defendant’s physical violence and abusive nature.” A judge reportedly granted her request for a restraining order against Sherrod Brown.

Brown’s alleged assault occurred in 1986, around the time Kavanaugh allegedly jumped on Christine Blasey Ford. However, Brown was an adult, unlike Kavanaugh. And Larke Brown made her claim roughly contemporaneously with the alleged assault. She didn’t wait 36 years.

It must also be mighty difficult for Kavanaugh’s Senate critics to serve with Sen. Tom Carper. He admits he gave his ex-wife a black eye. In a 1998 interview, Carper stated:

Did I slap my wife 20 years ago? Yes. Do I regret it? Yes. Would I do it again? No.

I slapped Diane one time. It was a stupid thing to do and I. . .regret it now. It caused some discoloration of her left eye and some puffiness.

Just one time, or so he says. Shouldn’t MeToo movement Democrats be asking how many free pokes a man gets to take at his wife?

Then, there’s Cory “Spartacus” Booker. Expect much posturing, including hand on heart, from Booker if hearings on Ford’s allegation proceed.

But Booker has admitted groping a friend when he was in high school. He made the admission in a characteristically pompous column in the Stanford school newspaper.

The column is vintage Booker. He tried to show, in the most pretentious way possible, how enlightened he had become since his high school days.

Because Booker is a fabulist, we cannot be confident that he actually groped his friend or, if he did, that he was actually a reformed sexual harasser during his time at Stanford (or now). But his admission of groping in high school renders ridiculous his expressions of outrage over someone else’s alleged groping during the same stage of life.

And what about Mazie Hirono? From her perch on the Senate Judiciary Committee, she asks every male judicial nominee whether he has ever sexually harassed or assaulted anyone.

Yet, according to the Washington Free Beacon, Hirono’s Senate campaign accepted $1,000 from Sen. Carper’s First State PAC in June of this year. The Free Beacon cites Federal Election Commission records.

That’s Sen. Carper, the wife beater. And that’s Sen. Hirono who declared this week:

As Americans, it’s on all of us to take a stand and do what is right—regardless of political party. It’s time to stand up for victims of sexual assault and harassment.

Hirono won’t divulge whether she has discussed Carper’s spousal abuse with the Delaware Senator. As far as we know, she hasn’t returned the $1,000.

Finally, let’s not forget the case of Keith Ellison. He stands very credibly accused of assaulting two women as an adult. Contemporaneous police records back up at least one of the assault claims.

Yet, Ellison remains Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee. To my knowledge, none of the Democratic Senators expressing outrage over the prospect of Kavanaugh serving on the Supreme Court has publicly demonstrated any discomfort over Ellison serving as the number two person at the DNC.

It’s difficult to resist the view that congressional Democrats don’t care about youthful indiscretions towards women, even violent ones. Indeed, they don’t seem to care about violence against women by adult members of their caucus and party leadership.

What do they care about? Power and moving America to the left.