Soul of a bigot

Despite her incredibly rapid ascent up the greasy pole, Minnesota Rep.-elect Ilhan Omar holds herself out as a victim of bigotry and intolerance. As is frequently the case in dealing with devout leftists, however, what we have here is a serious case of projection.

In the tweet below, Omar posts a photo of Vice President Pence caught in the act of blinking his eyes during last week’s Oval Office meeting of Trump with Schumer and Pelosi. Omar’s comment on the photo invokes Pence’s Christianity. I think it is fair to say she does so for purposes of mockery. It is an utterly gratuitous comment by which Omar reveals the soul of a bigot with whose type we are excruciatingly familiar.

I wonder. Will the Minnesota media — the Star Tribune, say — seek clarification or call Omar to account? Of course, that is a rhetorical question. If past history is any guide, they won’t even notice it.