Lost & found: Trump’s GMB interview

I posted the full video of President Trump’s interview by Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain here yesterday morning, shortly after it had been posted on YouTube by GMB itself. Steve Cates writes from Catallaxy Files to note that he watched it as well until it disappeared.

Steve has posted the excerpts still available on YouTube and linked to the full video posted at Bing. “All this is recounted in my own post on what ought to be a major learning moment,” he writes, “although there are plenty who are incapable of learning and plenty of others who do not see what is going on for what it is.”

Steve quotes a few Power Line commenters and observes: “The President is amazingly warm and knowledgeable. As one of your Power Line commenters pointed out, he even gets the history right about Britain’s entrance into WWII where Morgan doesn’t.”

Steve links to the video posted on Bing. Clicking on the video’s “share” feature, I found the embeddable version of the video here and have posted it below.

The video comes with this caption: “Piers Morgan of iTV’s Good Morning Britan interviews Donald Trump at Churchill’s War Rooms in London on June 4, 2019. It was broadcast on June 5, 2019. Uploaded for archival purposes by Fatba.se.”