Denial with a twist

This is a big week for the Minnesota media. They are now permitting their consumers to catch up with the news delivered last month by the Daily Mail. That is, Ilhan Omar has separated from the husband she just got around to marrying last year (i.e., Ahmed Hirsi) and taken up with a married man (i.e., Tim Mynett) who works for her as a consultant. The Daily Mail even tracked down the expensive apartment into which Omar has moved and tracked down Ahmed Hirsi in Minneapolis for a “no comment.” The Minnesota media haven’t gotten there yet, but they have opened the door to the subject.

The Star Tribune reported the story yesterday afternoon after it first appeared in the New York Post (which was reporting on Mrs. Mynett’s divorce filing). The Star Tribune updated the story last night to add details along with a copy of Mrs. Mynett’s divorce petition [!] and to incorporate Omar’s denial to WCCO TV’s Esme Murphy.

In the updated version of the story, the Star Tribune notes that it sought comment from Omar’s office. “In declining comment,” the Star Tribune reports, “Omar’s office referred reporters to Will Hailer, Mynett’s partner at E Street Group, who released a statement saying the firm ‘does not comment on the personal life of either our staff or clients.’” They’re going around the horn with the refusal to comment.

Omar’s denial of the reported events prompts a weird nod from the left-wing newspaper by the paper’s left-wing political reporters to unnamed “conservative media bloggers.” This is getting old. Whom are they talking about?

The left-wing paper’s left-wing reporters write:

The episode renewed claims long promoted by conservative media bloggers that her previous marriage — allegedly to her brother — was part of an immigration scheme.

She has said previously that she has been involved with Hirsi, whom she called the “love of my life,” since 2002, though they were not legally married until 2018, shortly before she was elected to Congress.

Omar has vehemently denied she was married to her brother, calling the allegation “false and ridiculous.”

Reading between the lines of the current version of the story, I wonder if the left-wing paper’s left-wing reporters might be getting tired of being treated like chumps. It’s possible.