The case for Trump, Lindell style

In advance of President Trump’s rally at Target Center in Minneapolis tonight, Esme Murphy invited MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell to appear on her Sunday morning WCCO TV show and talk about his support of President Trump. Esme is a pillar of the liberal Minnesota media establishment. You can’t mistake where Murphy is coming from, but Lindell is able to make his case in this terrific segment.

Lindell prefaces the tale of his 2016 meeting with Trump: “I didn’t know anything about politics. I was an ex-crack addict. I came out of a 25-year culture coma. I didn’t know a Republican from a Democrat, a liberal from a conservative.”

Lindell had to overcome a terrible drug addiction to come out of his “culture coma.” Our friends in the local Minnesota media have no such excuse and yet they persist in their own culture coma.