We now know: Live from Visalia

Back in his district before a friendly audience, Rep. Devin Nunes joined Lee Smith for an interview conducted by News Talk KMJ’s Ray Appleton about Lee’s book The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History. Having listened to the interview via Rep. Nunes’s podcast (below), I can only say I wish I had been there. That was my kind of crowd.

The podcast doesn’t take us inside the plot at the core of Lee’s book, but it takes us inside the uncovering of the plot. Speaking from his experience, Rep. Nunes cites the adage about survivors of a nuclear war: cockroaches and Communists. Adam Schiff may fall into both categories.

This podcast tells the most important story of the Trump era. It is a disgraceful story, but it is a story with a hero. That’s the story Lee Smith got down.

The interview captured in the podcast comes in the aftermath of the Department of Justice Inspector General report released on December 9. It is shot through with the corroboration that animates this “we now know” series of posts.

Quotable quote (Nunes on the Steele Dossier): “When I first saw it, I laughed.”

Quotable quote (Lee Smith on the plot): “It’s a horrible, shameful story.”

I learned of the podcast via Lee’s tweet below. The podcast can also be accessed via Lee’s tweet.