Treasonous, Or Just Stupid?

The Democrats continue to embarrass themselves as they try to make political hay out of President Trump’s defending Americans by ridding the world of its worst living terrorist. Ilhan Omar predictably joined in yesterday, with this tweet:

Some have suggested that Omar’s tweet is treasonous because it advises Iran to strike at American targets, specifically the Trump organization’s hotels around the world. I am not sure that criticism goes too far, but my own critique is different: Omar’s take is almost unbelievably stupid.

First of all, she obviously has no idea what the emoluments clause is all about. It doesn’t mean that a president can’t own commercial properties in foreign countries.

More important, her comments make zero sense. Her suggestion that President Trump might “provoke war” because his hotels are “losing revenue” since guests are “skittish” about the possibility of Iranian attacks is ridiculous. And her conclusion–“His business interests should not be driving military decisions”–is self-refuting. Obviously, if President Trump’s overriding motivation was a desire to avoid possible threats to his hotels, he wouldn’t have had General Soleimani killed. The killing of Soleimani, or heightened tensions with Iran in general, can’t possibly serve the Trump organization’s business interests. Which I am sure is, in any event, the farthest thing from the president’s mind.

Ilhan Omar is a remarkably arrogant, but not very intelligent, person. The only point of this exercise is to note that if you are a Democrat, there is no expectation that your “analyses” of current events make any sense. Hating President Trump is the only requirement, and it is enough to make you a leader of your party, like Ilhan Omar.