Coronavirus in one state (43)

As I noted yesterday, Minnesota Model 3.0 projected 1,441 deaths due to COVID-19 when it was released this past Thursday (May 14). Getting to 1,441 deaths would require 50 or so deaths a day through the end of this month. Yesterday the authorities reported 22 new deaths, bringing the total to 722. The daily average so far this month is just over 22. With something like a team of thousands behind it, Minnesota Model 3.0 has looked like a flop from the moment it was rolled out.

The 22 new deaths came with the age breakdown to which we have become accustomed: 7 decedents were in their 90’s, 8 were in their 80’s, five were in their 70’s, one was in his 60’s, and one was in his 50’s. NINETEEN of the 22 new decedents were residents of long-term care facilities. The share of long-term care decedents among all decedents continues to hover around 81 percent.

What we have here is a massive political and public policy failure aided and abetted by the media. The obvious truth at the heart of this saga is slipped into the bottom of Joe Carlson’s current Star Tribune story “Minnesota logs 699 new COVID-19 cases day before state relaxes stay-home rules.” The headline contributes to the campaign of fear that is also an essential element of the saga, yet Carlson’s story concludes:

Advanced age and living in a group home are risk factors for developing more severe illness. Nineteen of Sunday’s 22 newly reported fatalities happened in people who lived in long-term care or assisted living facilities. All 22 were between the ages of 50 and 99.

Pre-existing health conditions are also a major factor in the death rate.

In Minnesota, at least 519 of the people who have died had one of seven chronic health conditions, state officials said. So far, only eight people have been confirmed to lack any of those conditions, while full data are not available for the other 195 people who died from COVID-19. Minnesota has seen 722 deaths from the virus.

The conditions tracked by the health department are: chronic lung disease or moderate to severe asthma; serious heart conditions; compromised immune systems from cancer treatment, smoking, bone marrow or organ transplantation and other factors; severe obesity (BMI of 40 or higher); diabetes; chronic kidney disease undergoing dialysis; and liver disease.

Carlson doesn’t perform the calculation for his reader: those with significant underlying health conditions account for 98.46 percent of all COVID-19 fatalities in Minnesota. This has been true roughly from day one, yet the authorities only saw fit to mention it when — and no one thought to ask for it until — KSTP-TV’s Tom Hauser blurted out the question at one of the Minnesota Department of Health’s daily press briefings a few weeks back.

Why this hasn’t been the headline news every day — why it is buried at the bottom of Carlson’s May 17 story — is one of those mysteries the solution to which is hiding in plain view. In the manifestation of the CCP epidemic of 2020 in Minnesota, it is the dog that didn’t bark in the night. Governor Walz has orchestrated a devastating fiasco with great fanfare and with the support of the Minnesota media.