Disgrace in St. Paul: Compounded

Yesterday afternoon Governor Walz called a press conference and assembled his band of racial gurus including “light-skinned Native woman” Peggy Flanagan. As always, the press conference was broadcast around the state.

Walz called the press conference to pressure Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka into adopting the gurus’ agenda during the special session that convenes this week on account of Walz’s continues exercise of his emergency powers. That is the sole reason for the special session, but Walz means to seize the moment. I have posted the video below.

The lawless attack on and downing of the Columbus statue at the state capitol on Wednesday came up at about 47:00 of the video. Yesterday I drew on the timeline of the assault on the statue compiled by Tom Hauser of KSTP TV News. Tom and the authorities had six hours’ notice of the assault. He is frankly appalled by it. Where were they?

Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington yammers briefly. Harrington is followed by Walz. Walz talks out of both sides of his mouth, as is his wont. Walz is followed by Flanagan. As a “light-skinned Native woman,” she supports the vandals. They all compound the disgrace.