Coronavirus in one state (101)

While I was otherwise engaged with Magistrate Judge Thorson and officials from the Minnesota Department of Health yesterday — settlement negotiations continue for another week or two, during which I am bound to confidentiality — the rest of the MDH crew held another press briefing. I have posted MPR’s audio recording of the briefing below.

It is worth a listen to tune into the voice of Assistant Commissioner Dan Huff. Making his debut appearance along with the usual gang, Huff gives us some idea of what the bureaucrats running hell must sound like. It ain’t pretty.

The briefing disseminates a riot of misinformation and disinformation in minatory tones. Kevin Roche spares me the labor of exposing it in “I have completely had it with the state’s BS.”

These press briefings constitute part of Governor Walz’s continuing pacification program. In an interview with the Star Tribune’s Jeremy Olson yesterday, Walz spelled out the conditions that he has determined must precede the setting aside of his crown. Olson quotes Walz spelling out his conditions in “Gov. Tim Walz lays out benchmarks for ending COVID-19 emergency in Minnesota.”

The data reported yesterday should be insufficient to sustain monarchic rule. The authorities attributed 9 new deaths to COVID-19. Six of the 9 fatalities occurred among residents of long-term care facilities. For some reason, Commissioner Malcolm left the LTC number out from her ritualistic recitation of the data yesterday. Five of the 9 new decedents were in their 90’s. Hospitalizations continue at a low level (242 total, 132 in intensive care).

As of September 8, the rolling 7-day average test positivity rate fell to 4.7 percent — assuming it has any meaning, which it does in Walz World. It means he’s keeping his crown for the foreseeable future.