How to Help Hold the Senate

As everyone knows, control over the Senate is teetering on a knife’s edge. If the Democrats take control (perhaps needing a seat or two to spare), they will abolish the filibuster, pack the Supreme Court, make D.C. and Puerto Rico states, legalize 20 million illegal immigrants and give them the right to vote. And that is just for openers.

How can you prevent that nightmare scenario from happening? It isn’t too late to go here and contribute to the campaign of our friend Jason Lewis, who is seeking to unseat faceless Democrat incumbent Tina Smith. A long-time radio host, Jason is a solid conservative who won’t go to Washington hoping for good notices in the Washington Post.

In a post earlier this afternoon, Scott noted that Jason was within the margin of error in the most recent public polling. But I believe Scott was writing before this poll came out, just an hour ago:

A few thoughts on those numbers:

1) In Minnesota, as across America generally, the tide is flowing in a Republican direction. If a gap remains, Jason has two weeks to close it. If he really is within a point or two, he likely will win.

2) I think the numbers in this poll, like others that have been taken in this race, are actually more positive than they appear. At this late date, large numbers of Minnesotans claim to be undecided–12% in this most recent poll. That strikes me as unlikely. The fact that an incumbent senator is only at 43% (and not much higher in other recent polls) means she is highly vulnerable. My guess is that most of those “undecideds” will vote for Jason Lewis.

3) Lewis has run, I think, a smart campaign. He has linked his fortunes to those of President Trump, running essentially as a member of the Trump ticket. He has focused his efforts largely on Greater Minnesota, where Trump should run up the score. If Jason is closing in on Tina Smith, it probably means that President Trump is closing in on Joe Biden, too. Polls on the presidential race in Minnesota have, like the Senate race, shown a number of undecided voters that I think is implausible. I think most of them will turn out to be Trump voters.

4) The joker in the deck is voter fraud. The Democrats have been laying the groundwork for a long time to pad their legitimate vote totals with fake ballots. Tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. Central time, my organization will sponsor a program on election integrity in Minnesota and across the United States. We have an all-star panel that will discuss election integrity in Minnesota and nationally: State Senator and former Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer; Andy Cilek, President of the Minnesota Voters Alliance; Eric Eggers, author of Fraud: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election; and Matthew Tyrmand, a Director of Project Veritas who ran Veritas’s explosive investigation of voter fraud in Minnesota. If you live close enough to attend, you can sign up here. The event will also be livestreamed. You can sign up for the livestream here. I think it will be worth your time.

Once again, you can donate to Jason’s campaign here. It’s not too late.

UPDATE: This is Jason Lewis’s latest TV ad. Suffice it to say that he is not one of your namby-pamby Republicans: