Voter Fraud

Shapes of things (15)

Featured image You may have heard that “Amazon is seeking reconsideration of a ruling by an NLRB Hearing Officer that 6000 workers at an Amazon facility in Alabama will be allowed eight weeks time to vote by mail on whether to unionize the workforce. Amazon — owned by Jeff Bezos, also the owner of the Washington Post — opposes the use of mail-in only balloting in the union election on the basis »

A DOJ coup attempt? No, an honest disagreement about the election.

Featured image The mainstream media has been promoting the story that, in early January, President Donald Trump entertained a plan to replace Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen with an Assistant Attorney General who wanted to pursue claims of voter fraud. The Assistant in question is Jeff Clark whom I got to know, and like, when Democrats were blocking his nomination. The story, which first appeared in the New York Times, is that »

Voter Fraud? Nothing to See Here

Featured image Senator Rand Paul appeared on George Stephanopoulos’s ABC show this morning, and Stephanopoulos, on behalf of his Democratic Party, demanded that Paul agree that the presidential election wasn’t stolen. That triggered a good discussion of voter fraud, which obviously exists and obviously is a problem. But the Democrats demand that we all go along with their pretense. Rand Paul was having none of it: Via Ann Althouse, where you can »

Voting By Mail: How Other Countries Do It

Featured image On the podcast this week we discussed John Lott’s statistical analysis of voting anomalies in several key swing states, in which he concluded there were likely around 290,000 fraudulent votes. The difficulty is that the analysis depends on sophisticated regression techniques that are beyond the grasp of most laypeople, and indeed there is a serious critique of Lott’s paper that argues that Lott’s result is largely an artifact of the »

The night the lights went back on

Featured image Power Line reader Matthew Mashburn (mmashburn at is a member of Georgia’s State Board of Elections. He offers the following account of election night as he saw it in Fulton County, Mr. Mashburn writes: Since I was at Fulton County Tabulations on Election Night and watched the story behind the Suitcase Video unfold in real time right in front of me, I hope to shed some additional light for »

Where Trump Went Wrong

Featured image Currently the entire world, more or less, is engaged in a ritual hate-fest directed at President Donald Trump. For the Democrats, this is nothing new. They have indulged an insane level of hate against Trump since 2015. That hate gave rise, among many other things, to the criminal Russia collusion hoax. But the mini-riot at the Capitol last week finally gave the Democrats the opportunity to claim that their longstanding »

AT’s Dominion statement

Featured image Under the editorial hand of founder Tom Lifson, American Thinker has long been one of my favorite right-leaning sites. I therefore watched AT go down the Dominion rabbit hole with growing incredulity. When Sidney Powell appeared as a Trump campaign lawyer at the Trump lawyers’ November 19 press conference in Michigan (transcript here), she raved about an international conspiracy centered on Dominion. “What we are really dealing with here and »

Did the Democrats Steal the Presidential Election?

Featured image Democrats are making extraordinary efforts to suppress all discussion of whether Joe Biden actually won the 2020 presidential election. In fact, they go even farther: they want to suppress all discussion of the extent to which voter fraud occurred. That naturally makes me want to write about voter fraud, and who really won the election. First, this question: why are the Democrats so hysterical in their insistence that fraud not »

The purge of conservative voices proceeds apace

Featured image America’s institutions are using the invasion of the Capitol building by a relatively small number of extremists as a pretext for carrying out a purge of conservatives that they have long desired. The barons of the social media world are leading the charge, but others are following. The latest conservative victim of the purge is Rep. Elise Stefanik, a member of Congress. Harvard has removed her from the Kennedy School’s »

Raffensperger responds

Featured image Matthew Mashburn is a member of the Georgia State Election Board and an avid Power Line reader. Mr. Mashburn has kindly forwarded Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s 10-page letter responding to each of the major fraud allegations made in connection with the Georgia presidential election results. The letter is addressed to two Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler and Reps. Barry Loudermilk and Jody Hice. I have embedded it below. I »

Raffensperger on line 2

Featured image Following up on my the adjacent post, I want to add a few comments to draw out facets of the phone call that have been shortchanged — i.e., suppressed — by the mainstream media. • The fact that the call was secretly recorded is scurrilous. As is apparent at a couple of points, the call was for the purposes of settlement of the pending Trump lawsuit. Who secretly records settlement »

Raffensperger on line 1

Featured image Listening in President Trump phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (audio below), I wonder what the Trump game plan is. He alluded to so-called overvotes in Detroit and Pennsylvania, but it is late in the day to pin hope on votes being thrown out and results rejiggered. Even if the necessary votes could be “found” to change the result in Georgia, what happens next? “[W]e have other »

How Much Voter Fraud Was There?

Featured image Voter fraud is a large and growing problem in the United States, and there is good reason to think that it exploded in 2020 on account of (among other things) unprecedented numbers of mail-in ballots and deliberately lax controls in many states. John Lott has now produced a statistical analysis that suggests substantial voter fraud in Fulton County, Georgia and Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Lott’s conclusion is that his analysis suggests »

Confessions of a limp noodle

Featured image We have received a small stream of emails from readers and noted a few comments calling us out for not “standing with” President Trump and disparaging our manhood as well — this because we have not decried the “rigged” election that robbed President Trump of reelection. One professed long-time reader sent us a message announcing that he has “resigned” from the site. I particularly appreciate the imputation of cowardice to »

The Washington Post throws a mindless fit

Featured image We all knew that heads would explode at the Washington Post if President Trump won reelection. But who knew that, with Joe Biden about to be declared the winner, heads at the Post would explode anyway? Post writers Touluse Olorunnipa and Cleve Wootson, Jr. have produced a hysterical front page “news” story with this passage as its centerpiece: For the past six weeks, Trump has staged the ultimate loyalty test »

How Much Voter Fraud Was There?

Featured image Over the next few years, books will be written about the 2020 presidential election. Some will argue that the Democrats stole the election through widespread voter fraud. Others will argue that while safeguards were lax and there was a good bit of fraud, Joe Biden would have won the election anyway. I doubt that anyone will argue that Biden, the sad shell of a man who at his best was »

Fact checking the GA “fact” “check”

Featured image We have followed the strange doings described by Jacki Pick before a Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last week in posts here, here, and here. In the second and third of these posts I linked to a “fact check” performed by Lead Stories. The limitations of this “fact check” are to a significant extent apparent on its face. Mollie Hemingway has now delivered a devastating critique of the “fact” “check” »