Voter Fraud

A Georgia state of mind revisited

Featured image The site Lead Stories has fact checked Jacki Pick’s account of the doings at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena on election night. As I noted in my “Georgia state of mind” post, a Democratic state senator disputed the accuracy of Pick’s account at the conclusion of the full video of Pick’s testimony. In light of the video of Pick’s testimony, I want to be sure readers take into account the Lead »

A Georgia state of mind

Featured image Trump legal team volunteer Jacki Pick spoke at a Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on election fraud yesterday (video immediately below). In her remarks Pick drew on just-discovered surveillance footage from Atlanta’s State Farm Arena showing secretly counted ballots coming from suitcases left under a table on election night — when counting had supposedly stopped and observers evacuated. Andrea Widburg has helpfully illustrated Pick’s remarks with expanded screenshots that trace »

25 former D.C. Bar presidents can be wrong

Featured image The District of Columbia bar is a thoroughly leftist, pro-Democrat outfit. I feel uneasy being associated with it, even as an inactive member. In this Washington Post op-ed, 25 former D.C. Bar presidents attack the lawyers who are presenting claims that voter fraud deprived Donald Trump of a substantial number of votes in key states. They contend that these lawyers are undermining democracy. The claim would be laughable if it »

Report: Trump considering firing Barr

Featured image The Washington Post reports that President Trump is “livid” at Attorney General Barr over his comments about election fraud and the fact that John Durham did not issue a report before the election. According to the Post, “one senior official indicat[ed] that there was a chance Barr could be fired.” I don’t know whether Trump is thinking about firing Barr. I find it believable that Trump is angry with him. »

Trump’s complaint

Featured image Yesterday President Trump released a 46-minute speech on his current assessment of the 2020 presidential election. The speech was released on social media including YouTube (video below), where it has racked up nearly 5,000,000 views. According to the New York Times, the speech was recorded in the White House last week. I have found no explanation why it was released yesterday. Perhaps Attorney General Barr’s widely reported interview with the »

What is to be done?

Featured image Watching the utter serenity with which Democrats kept Joe Biden locked in the basement to preside over his nineteenth-century style presidential campaign, I thought one of two things might be true. Either the Democrats’ polling showed Biden with a big lead over Trump, like the polls served up by the garbage media, or the Democrats knew the fix was in. These possibilities aren’t mutually exclusive, of course. I nevertheless take »

Was Trump cheated out of victory in Georgia? [UPDATED]

Featured image Yesterday, Scott wrote about the Georgia lawsuit filed by Sidney Powerll challenging the outcome of presidential vote in that state. I think it’s fair to say that Scott expressed mild skepticism about that lawsuit. Ed Morrissey also expresses skepticism in this post. Ed considers the claim that software used by Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, and deployed at the last minute by Georgia’s Governor and Secretary of State (both Republicans) this »

Trump Team Disowns Powell

Featured image Sidney Powell’s claim that the presidential election was stolen using Dominion voting machines has dominated post-election controversy over voter fraud, but the Examiner reports that the Trump campaign is distancing itself from that claim: With Trump-allied insiders distancing themselves from massive and unproven election fraud allegations being made by Sidney Powell, the president’s legal team announced on Sunday that the attorney has no direct role in their efforts. Sources close »

A vast international leftist conspiracy?

Featured image I doubt that voter fraud and irregularities cost President Trump the presidential election, and I’ll be shocked if Trump’s lawyers prove they did. However, Trump has every right to litigate the matter. Indeed, litigation, responsibly conducted, offers several benefits even if it fails to overturn what appears to the outcome of the election. If Team Trump gets a fair hearing and falls short, the litigation can make sane people less »

A conspiracy so immense

Featured image I think that voter fraud had a lot to do with the outcome of the electoral results in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere. It’s a staple of Democratic Party politics. Democrats have long protected illegal voters like they are a core constituency of the party, as I believe they are. The vast expansion of mail-in voting predicated on the COVID-19 epidemic considerably widened the playing field, to say the least. So »

Voter Fraud: The Crime That Must Not Be Mentioned

Featured image Following the election, the social media monopolies did their best to ban discussion of voter fraud, lest confidence in Joe Biden’s “victory” be shaken. Today, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on their platforms’ political biases and influence. I don’t know what to make of Dorsey. He looks like a homeless person and, based on videos I have seen of his »

Conspiracy Theory, Or Stolen Election?

Featured image In the aftermath of the election, many questions have emerged not just about individual instances of voter fraud or vote suppression, which are legion, but more systematic issues involving software and electronic vote tracking. We know, for example, that thousands of votes that were cast for President Trump in Michigan were improperly shifted to Joe Biden due to an alleged software “glitch.” I have no opinion on whether the election »

A warning on Georgia [UPDATED]

Featured image In this column, Steve Cortes identified four statistical anomalies associated with last week’s presidential vote. Any one of them, he argued, “would cast intense doubt upon election results.” Put all four together, and “the result is a seemingly impossible statistical perfect storm.” Considering the importance of the Georgia runoff elections, I was struck by this passage in Cortes’ article: In the Peach State, President Trump’s vote total almost exactly tracked »

Pennsylvania Voter Fraud: The Lawsuit

Featured image Yesterday the Trump campaign and two Pennsylvania residents sued Pennsylvania’s scofflaw Secretary of the Commonwealth and seven county election boards in federal court. The lawsuit is premised primarily on equal protection; it alleges that some Pennsylvania counties, which were uniformly favorable to Joe Biden, systematically violated Pennsylvania’s election laws, at times with the encouragement of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, while Republican-leaning counties followed the law. The result was systemic »

Massive Election Corruption Documented In Michigan

Featured image Yesterday GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel held a press conference and unveiled 131 affidavits and 2,800 incident reports documenting fraud and other irregularities in the election in Michigan. Reporters were unimpressed: In Wayne County, Republican poll watchers were denied their legal right to monitor the election and purposefully kept in the dark…there are thousands of reports of poll watchers being intimidated and unable to do their job and as of 4 »

How About a Special Counsel?

Featured image Paul wrote a little while ago that the Senate should investigate the 2020 election to determine how susceptible our electoral systems are to fraud, and to recommend improvements. I agree. A reader offers another suggestion: why doesn’t Attorney General Barr appoint a Special Counsel to investigate voter fraud in the election, and bring criminal charges where appropriate? The nation is coming out of another close election and the air is »

The Senate should investigate this year’s election

Featured image If Republicans hold onto the Senate majority, one of their top priorities should be an investigation of the election that just took place. The purpose of that investigation shouldn’t be to relitigate the outcome of the presidential race. The purpose should be to determine the extent, if any, to which our revised, post-coronavirus election system is susceptible to and/or plagued by fraud. Stated differently, the purpose should be to determine »