Please Let Us In!

I am a couple days late with this, but it is still worth noting. Chaos at our southern border continues to worsen, and if there is any justice in the world, it will be a major PR disaster for the “Biden” administration. Those who wish to violate our laws correctly believe that they have an ally in the White House–someone who has as little regard for our immigration laws as they do. So the illegal flood is under way.

The Daily Signal has a report on “migrants” penetrating the border, but what seem most notable are the photographs:

What we see here is not a group of refugees fleeing persecution, which is what, legally, they must claim to be, as instructed by the left-wing activists who coach them. No doubt, these individuals just want to live in a country that is better than Honduras or Guatemala. That is entirely understandable, it just isn’t how our law works. But they are pawns in a larger political game.

To start with, who paid for and distributed the “Biden, Please Let Us In!” t-shirts? T-shirts that mimic the Biden for President logos? And who pays and organizes the left-wing activists who instruct Central Americans on how to claim refugee status, and on the benefit of finding a child, their own or someone else’s, to bring along? And, in the days of the “caravans,” who paid for the buses that made “caravanning” the 1,100 miles or so from Mexico’s southern border to ours feasible?

Once, in the distant past, there were people called “investigative reporters” who were curious about questions like these. Those days are long gone. The principal job requirement of a reporter these days is a total lack of curiosity. Nothing to see here, move on, is now the reporter’s motto.

The Central Americans who try to make their way into the U.S. in violation of our laws are serving an agenda that they do not understand. In my opinion, the only cause for optimism in this sad story is the fact that these Central Americans are far better people that the Democratic Party cynics who believe they are importing voters for generations to come.