The Thompson bodycam

St. Paul police have released the bodycam footage of the July 4 traffic stop of state representative John Thompson. I have embedded it below. The first minute and the last minute capture the interaction. He was driving with a Wisconsin driver’s license at a time when his driving privileges had been revoked as a result of an unmet child support obligation. He was stopped because his car lacked a front license plate.

The officer asks him: “Why in such a hurry?” Thompson responds: “I don’t think I took off like a bat out of hell. I just drove off.”

Thompson tells him he’s “a state representative in this district right here, man.” The officer responds: “With a Wisconsin license?” Good question!

Thompson puts his racial hustle into overdrive when the officer returns with a ticket for driving with a suspended license. Tom Hauser adds that he has Minnesota addresses outside his legislative district (tweet at bottom). R-a-a-a-cism!

Tom Hauser is a careful reporter who raises the issue of Thompson’s current address below. Regardless, this guy is unfit for public office. Like Keith Ellison and Ilhan Omar, however, he is shielded by DFL privilege, as Jon Justice and Drew Lee call it. There should nevertheless be more to come.