The Chauvin appeal: A second look

Featured image Minneapolis attorney Marshall Tanick has taken a look at the issues raised in the Minnesota Court of Appeals hearing on the murder conviction of Derek Chauvin. Marshall discusses the hearing in the Star Tribune op-ed column “Did Chauvin get a fair trial?” I wrote about the hearing here last week. Marshall more or less provides a second opinion that aligns with mine, if somewhat faintly: [T]he core of the argument »

The Chauvin appeal hearing

Featured image When I read that Derek Chauvin had no lawyer to appeal his murder conviction to the Minnesota Court of Appeals I was incredulous. I put out the call on Power Line for an attorney to step forward to represent him on appeal in the highest tradition of the profession. Minnesota attorney Bill Mohrman answered the call. Bill is a founding partner of Mohrman, Kaardal & Erickson as well as a »

Who wants to be a Minneapolis cop?

Featured image The correct question is “Who in his right mind would want to be a Minneapolis cop?” It’s a question I have asked more than a few times on Power Line, frequently while observing the generous contributions of the Star Tribune to the climate of opinion that is shrinking the police department. Today the Star Tribune publishes an op-ed column asking “Who wants to be a Minneapolis cop?” It’s not quite »

In the Chauvin appeal: Hugh Hewitt edition

Featured image Hot Air‘s Ed Morrissey — my old friend — is sitting in for Hugh Hewitt this morning. Ed had me on to talk about this post and invited listeners to check it out. Having rotated off our home page, it is easy to miss. With thanks to Ed, I am taking the liberty of reposting it. * * * * * Derek Chauvin could not afford an attorney to appeal »

In the Chauvin appeal

Featured image Derek Chauvin could not afford an attorney to appeal his convictions in the case of George Floyd. Chauvin’s insurance did not extend to appeals and the Minnesota Supreme Court denied him a public defender. Although I thought Chauvin could not have received a fair trial in Hennepin County, it looked like he wouldn’t be able to raise the issue on appeal either. I put out the call on Power Line »

Report this

Featured image We have followed the fate of law enforcement in Minneapolis since the death of Saint George Floyd on Memorial Day 2020. We have also followed the related media coverage, which has amplified and confused the multifarious racial issues. As the Minneapolis Police Department has contracted to the size of a shrunken head — a shrunken head capable of scaring no one — we have repeatedly asked who in his right »

In the Sundberg shooting, MPD bodycam

Featured image The authorities have released an edited video of bodycam footage from Minneapolis police officers who responded to Arabella Foss-Yarbrough’s 911 call for help last week. Officers killed Tekle Sundberg after he shot up Yarbrough’s apartment and resisted police in a six-hour standoff. John and I have been following the story on Power Line. Pafoua Yang has covered it for Alpha News. Based on her own sources, Pafoua reported earlier this »

The meltdown this time, cont’d

Featured image Officers of the Minneapolis Police Department killed Tekle Sundberg after he shot up Cassandra Yarbrough’s apartment and resisted police in a six-hour standoff. John summarized the events here. The odious Ben Crump is on the case. It has turned into a national story. The Star Tribune updates it here this morning. Rebecca Brannon’s Twitter account alerts us to the Townhall column by Julio Rosas. Minneapolis Police are pushing back against »

The meltdown this time

Featured image John covered our current local cause célèbre last night in “The victim speaks.” You know Minneapolis is suffering another meltdown if attorney Ben Crump is on the scene. While all the facts behind the hours-long standoff that preceded Tekle Sundberg’s death are not yet clear, Crump wants to agitate the mob. Minneapolis Police Department officers gave their PROMISE to Tekle Sundberg's parents that their son's mental health crisis would NOT »

Wanted: Minneapolis police officers

Featured image John noted the local July 4 crime spree in “War zone Minneapolis.” Where were the police? At Alpha News Pafoua Yang reports “MPD had 80 officers to respond to 1,300 calls Monday night.” “MPD” is the Minneapolis Police Department. “Monday night” was the evening of July 4. For some reason or other, the MPD is stretched a little thin. Today’s Star Tribune carries the Andy Mannix/Jeff Hargarten story “‘We’re in »

The Star Tribune speaks

Featured image I’ve been mocking the Star Tribune on a daily basis for holding its editorial tongue on the Minnesota Supreme Court order requiring the city to comply with its charter. Today the Star Tribune speaks in the editorial “Ruling should end cop funding nonsense.” Subhead: “Minnesota Supreme Court rightly decides that Minneapolis must follow its charter requirements.” The editorial lays out the indisputable basics. It stops short of considering why the »


Featured image The Minnesota Supreme Court order in Spann v. Minneapolis City Council this past Monday highlights facts salient to the future of Minneapolis. The Minneapolis Police Department has lost 300 officers since the summer of Saint George just two years ago — about one-third of the force. The city is obligated by its own charter to maintain a police department of 731 officers. Yet the city now maintains the department with »

Readers deserve better

Featured image I have turned to today’s Star Tribune to check out the editorial board’s take on Monday’s Minnesota Supreme Court ruling against the city in Spann v. Minneapolis City Council. The city is short some 100 police officers of the minimum imposed by its own charter and has no prospect of coming into compliance any time soon. Even were it to achieve compliance, another 100 officers will leave the city short »

Speaking of “fewer choices”

Featured image On Monday the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled 7-0 that the Minneapolis mayor had breached his duty to staff the police department at the minimum level specified by the city charter. (The Supreme Court also ruled that the city council was in compliance with the related funding requirement.) For some reason or other, the police department has “lost” 300 officers since the summer of George Floyd. The city is now some »

A milestone in Minneapolis’s descent

Featured image The Minneapolis city charter requires the city to fund and employ a minimum number of police officers, yet the city resisted its legal obligation all the way to the Minnesota Supreme Court. Yesterday the Court ruled unanimously that the city’s resistance to its legal obligation lacked merit. I have embedded Chief Justice Gildea’s 9-page order at the bottom of this post. Five of the Court’s seven justices, by the way, »

Riding along with the MPD

Featured image Kyle Hooten recently rode along with the Minneapolis police during its Operation Safe Summer operation. Kyle briefly covered his ride-along in the Alpha News story here. The video is below. Minneapolis has fallen into a deep, deep hole with an undermanned and demoralized police department, an empowered criminal class, and an ineffectual judicial system. Over the past two years, the Minneapolis Police Department has lost almost 300 officers. Any sentient »

Re-Imagine Actual Policing

Featured image Nothing so fully exposes the dream world of the left, in which good intentions and sentiments are thought sufficient to make reality bend to their will, than the enthusiasm for “re-imagining policing” that went along with the “Defund the Police” mania post-George Floyd. If we just “re-imagine” something, it will happen! We don’t even need to close our eyes and click our heels! And one of the leading ideas was »