America Thayer, RIP

The biggest local crime story this year may be the beheading of America Thayer in broad daylight on the streets of Shakopee, Minnesota last week. America was murdered by one Alexis Saborit. Saborit was her abusive boyfriend.

In a 2017 Carver County proceeding against him for abusing America (Thayer, that is), Judge Kevin Eide indicated in the court’s release order/bail hearing document that “Defendant has ICE hold.” At his initial appearance on the murder charge on Friday, Saborit asked to be deported to his own country rather than stand trial in Scott County.

Saborit was on his way to court with Thayer on a 2020 arson charge when he murdered her. In the arson case Saborit is described as a Puerto Rican male. If so, he would be an American citizen.

What is Saborit’s immigration status? So far as I can tell, Alpha News editor Anthony Gockowski is the only reporter pursuing an answer to the question. He reports: “[N]either the Shakopee Police Department nor ICE responded when Alpha News asked for clarification.” One way or another we intend to achieve clarity.

Another question raised by America’s murder: what was Saborit doing out on his own recognizance? He had first wielded the machete with which he beheaded America in the course of his standoff with police in the 2020 arson incident. We hope to achieve clarity on this question as well.

I went out to Shakopee yesterday afternoon to visit the scene of the crime. A makeshift memorial has been assembled at the southwest corner of the busy intersection where America was murdered (I snapped the photo at the bottom). I am afraid it will be washed away in the next rain.

This case may have something for everyone. It certainly has Mike Lindell. At the time of her death America was working at the MyPillow showroom in Shakopee, a block or so from the Amazon fulfillment center. I went over to check it out yesterday as well, but the showroom is closed on weekends.

According to the hysterical Anne Applebaum writing in the Atlantic, “The MyPillow guy could really destroy democracy.” Actually, it is more likely that Lindell will destroy Fox News (WSJ: “MyPillow to Pull Ads From Fox News in Disagreement With Network”), in which case Applebaum will salute Lindell in a future column, or that Anne Applebaum will melt like the Wicked Witch of the West.