Cohen can & cant

    The New York Times has posted the prepared testimony of Michael Cohen to the House Oversight Committee this morning. Cohen is of course the former Trump attorney, now disbarred and convicted of sundry crimes including lying to Congress. He is trying to make it up by testifying against Trump. Julian Assange and Wikileaks make a token appearance, as does Trump Tower Moscow.

    According to Cohen, Trump is a racist, conman and cheat. Let’s take these in order. Charges of racism have become the last refuge of a scoundrel. As for conman, I judge Trump by results and therefore doubt it. Cohen supports his allegation of cheating by Trump’s variable treatment of financial statements where assets, I take it, are subject to differing valuations. That is pitiful.

    Cohen raises in acute form the Epimenides paradox. Epimenides was the Cretan who famously asserted: “All Cretans are liars.”

    Cohen’s written testimony sounds like something cut from The Godfather II. Cohen has a few documents to support his testimony, but the guy is playing to the peanut gallery and planning on life after prison. It is to Trump’s discredit that he needed a lawyer like Cohen to work for him, but c’mon.