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About those phone records

Featured image The House Intelligence Committee Democrats have published their “impeachment inquiry report.” The preliminary materials including a table of contents and an executive summary are posted online here. A PDF copy of the report itself is posted online here. The report discusses phone calls among players including Rudy Giuliani, Lev Parnas, and John Solomon at pages 45-47 of the text and accompanying endnotes. It lays out a log of phone calls »

Lee Smith in Newt’s World

Featured image I have listened to all the podcasts of interviews with Lee Smith discussing The Plot Against the President that I came across as they were posted. My favorite is Smith’s interview with Newt Gingrich in Newt’s World Episode 46: The Plot Against the President. I posted my own brief appreciation of the book yesterday in “All the president’s men, take 2.” Suffice it to say that Mr. Gingrich shares my »

WH declines Nadler invitation

Featured image The Democrats are in a rush to impeach President Trump. It represents the culmination of their concerted efforts of the past three years. What a waste. The curtain has closed on Schiff impeachment theater. On Wednesday Jerry Nadler takes center stage — quite a lot of it, as a matter of fact — when the curtain goes goes up the House Judiciary Committee. Seeking to respond to the procedural unfairness »

“They got caught”

Featured image I haven’t had a chance to absorb all of today’s House Intelligence Committee impeachment theater, but I did catch Devin Nunes’s opening statement. In in he reiterated one of the basic points he has made throughout the hearings concerning the Democrats’ bad faith with special attention to Adam Schiff. The statement is full of ad hominem digs at Schiff. If you have suffered through as much of these hearings as »

The sound of Sondland

Featured image Observing the many hours of EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland testifying in the impeachment theater now running on the House Intelligence Committee, I think this is the short version. Gordon Sondland, I presume. Gordon Sondland: I presume. What a strange performance. Sondland seemed to be a victim of Stockholm syndrome, yukking it up with his captors. Why is this man laughing? That is one question I can’t answer. Sondland’s presumptions gave »

The yammering of Yovanovitch

Featured image Former United States Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch was the star witness served up by the Democrats in the show trial that is to preface their adoption of impeachment articles against President Trump. The Democrats are bound and determined to impeach Trump over something. The Russia hoax was foiled. Although it is not invented out of whole cloth, the Democrats’ current impeachment production looks to me like Russia hoax 2.0. »

What’s wrong with this picture?

Featured image The impeachment farce continues unabated behind closed doors for the time being under the leadership of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff. One is invited to ponder the imponderables. Why behind closed doors? Why the House Intelligence Committee? Is there a more vile figure in American public life than Adam Schiff? And — related question — who is leaking the “secret” testimony to which we are treated in the daily »

The impeachment Schiff show

Featured image Julie Kelly calls it “The impeachment Schiff show” (emphasis on “show”) and sets it in the proper context. As Adam Schiff becomes the face the Democratic Party at the moment, what is to be said? The Democrats deserve that face. Jerry Nadler’s is to follow. They deserve his too. With an almost entirely partisan vote yesterday, the House adopted the resolution that will govern the impeachment “inquiry.” (I have posted »

Resistance (At All Costs): A case study

Featured image In her new book Kim Strassel calls it Resistance (At All Costs). You know what “it” is: the opposition to Donald Trump that has manifested itself in each branch of the government and the media since the Trump presidential campaign. From the “counterintelligence investigation” of his campaign conducted by the intelligence and law enforcement authorities of the Obama administration and related leaks to the media, to the Mueller Special Counsel »

What Katie can do

Featured image Rep. Katie Hill is one of the bright young things who restored Nancy Pelosi to the high office of Speaker of the House as a result of the mid-term elections. She is 32 years old. She sits as vice chair of the House Oversight Committee and a member of the House Armed Services Committee. On October 18 Jennifer Van Laar broke the story of Hill’s participation in a three-way relationship »

Behind closed doors (3)

Featured image I can’t take anything that leaks out of the closed-door impeachment “inquiry” conducted by Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff at face value. Schiff is conducting an impeachment campaign by orchestrated leaks. I decline to follow the leaked testimony until I can take a look at the full record with my own eyes. One such leak is the opening statement of Ambassador Bill Taylor, which Paul discussed yesterday here. Rep. John »

Behind closed doors

Featured image If Republicans were conducting an “impeachment inquiry” of a Democratic president, we’d be hearing about the procedural anomalies employed in the production of a foreordained result. We would be instructed on the irregularity of committing such an inquiry to the House Intelligence Committee. We would also be hearing about the profound character defects of the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. As it is, we are left to pick up »

Why Schiff?

Featured image The competition isn’t intense, but FOX News’ Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo is the best of the Sunday Morning gabfests. Yesterday her guests included Rep. John Ratcliffe, a member of the House Intelligence Committee (video below). The Intelligence Committee is where the truth-challenged Chairman Adam Schiff is orchestrating the impeachment action. Ratcliffe made two key points: the Intelligence Committee should not be where the action is and what we »

Essence of Schiff

Featured image The highlight of the House Intelligence Committee hearing so far has to be Chairman (ugh!) Adam Schiff’s recitation of the Trump/Zelensky phone call (video below). Here we get to the “essence” of the proceedings (to borrow Schiff’s terminology). In his recitation Schiff fabricated Trump’s side of the conversation and, when called on it, explained that it was meant to be a “parody.” Schiff himself is a walking parody of political »

Joseph Maguire testifies

Featured image Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire is testifying before the House Intelligence Committee. I have embedded the committee’s live feed below. Having just watched the shameless Chairman (ugh!) Adam Schiff examine Maguire, I am impressed yet again by the dishonest and deceitful approach of Schiff to all matters Trump. Schiff serves one legitimate purpose, though not the one he intends. He strongly suggests to me that this affair is »

You crane!

Featured image The Democrats moved so smoothly from Russia and racism to Ukraine that I hardly noticed. Whatever they are talking about — we aren’t entirely clear yet — it requires President Trump’s removal from office. That is the common denominator. They can’t wait for the election coming up next year to dispose of bad man orange. Mike Pence now! Somehow I suspect that’s not what they’re thinking. Listen to Nancy Pelosi »

House beats back impeachment resolution, Democrats divide

Featured image Yesterday, Rep. Al Green, a left-wing Democrat from Texas, filed articles of impeachment against President Trump. He based his filing on Trump’s suggestion that four radical, America-bashing congresswomen leave the country. Green’s filing stated: Donald John Trump has, by his statements, brought the high office of the President of the United States in contempt, ridicule, disgrace and disrepute, has sown discord among the people of the United States, has demonstrated »