Touch me, babe

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is one of the many Democrats who thinks she is fit to occupy the highest office in the land, but she isn’t even fit to hold her seat on the Senate Armed Services Committee. She twice called tactical nuclear weapons “tactile” this past Friday during a meet-and-greet in New Hampshire. See Cameron Cawthorne’s Washington Free Beacon report.

Sad but true. Even sadder, as Cawthorne reports: Gillibrand spoke at Flight Coffee in Dover, where she discussed her opposition to the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019. “We used to say we don’t worry about a first strike because a first strike would end in complete devastation of the person who fired nuclear weapons,” Gillibrand said. “When you say you want to develop low-yield nuclear weapons that are tactile, what you’re saying is you want to use them.”

Hugh Hewitt wanted to run this piece of Gillibrand’s wit and wisdom by National Security Advisor John Bolton (video below). I’m filing this under Laughter Is the Best Medicine.

Via Brent Scher/Washington Free Beacon.